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Good Factors and how to get them (Archived)
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LetoYami1712/9 8:34AM
I want to start this game on the hardest difficulty... (Archived)
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AreaFiftyOne72312/8 10:47PM
I don't know how to play this game (Archived)
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Inertion51612/7 12:45AM
Action Replay Max Codes? (for testing purposes) (Archived)LetoYami312/6 3:44PM
Why does the Battle Gauge keep getting broken? (Archived)
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Molitheus1712/5 5:37PM
Does Star Ocean series ever have good music? What's your favourite? (Archived)
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SheenavsKilley1112/5 4:43PM
couple of questions (Archived)dawnset412/4 11:43PM
Battle Trophy Questions (Archived)
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LetoYami2412/1 12:45AM
How exactly does Progressive Scan work? I wanna play this again on a HDTV. (Archived)Terantatek211/30 2:31AM
Easiest way to obtain sixty five percent BT for 4d mode. (Archived)i love star ocean 2411/29 9:55PM
Optional character recruiting questions (Archived)
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Sin Jackal1511/27 10:01PM
Who is the hardest boss to defeat without taking damage? Referring to the BT (Archived)SheenavsKilley911/27 8:09AM
Battle Skill Levels and Symbology Levels (Archived)
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LetoYami1411/27 2:24AM
Back when I play this game, people said Mirage is stronger than Cliff (Archived)
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SheenavsKilley1411/26 6:46PM
Puffy the Vampire Slayer (Archived)XRhinehartX611/26 12:05AM
A Few New Laser Weapon Setups (Archived)
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XRhinehartX1511/24 8:52PM
Elements question (Archived)FridgedMoon811/21 6:58AM
Good News Everyone (Archived)XRhinehartX911/19 4:08PM
And my Duo Universe Run has officially started XD (Archived)
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Mad_Cartoonist14411/17 12:16PM
Adray and Albel the weakest in this game? (Archived)SheenavsKilley511/10 7:43PM