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my fayt lost his symbols? (Archived)lloyd0117106/29 9:36PM
Is it just me or is combat REALLY finicky? (Archived)
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TheGamr101266/21 4:41PM
I just realized something (Archived)
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Zadios765206/19 9:07PM
When is the earliest you can make Orichalcum? (Archived)BryanJarrie56/12 8:40PM
You wake up with Farleens voice (Archived)
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Lilisphere156/12 8:26PM
airyglyph aqueducts (Archived)Peppita_Nel46/12 1:21PM
Rear Attacked/Surrounded/Ambushed 5 Consecutive Times Trophies (Archived)BryanJarrie76/12 9:58AM
WEEP!! or CHING!! ? (Poll)Mad_Cartoonist96/10 3:11PM
logic behind repeatable super bosses? (Archived)DXMG56/4 8:00PM
hey guys playing the game again (Archived)BloodRose0476/1 8:19PM
Direct relation between SO3 and SO4 (Archived)DXMG45/30 8:21PM
Maria's attacks (Archived)ParryACO85/30 12:52PM
can i get some tips? New player. Also got some questions about trophies (Archived)
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Flamechamp2333425/14 3:39PM
Refining success rate (Archived)The Orange Cow45/9 9:14PM
What I will get, Nel ending or Sophia ending? (Archived)Zerael85/6 12:10PM
Where can I see a list of games that have Gabriel Celesta and Ethereal Queen? (Archived)SheenavsKilley25/4 7:20AM
Thinking about replaying this... *possible spoilers* (Archived)
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Lilisphere135/1 2:21PM
controls question (Archived)Darkneo20104/24 12:57PM
I like it so far. (Archived)
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Soul591384/23 9:03PM
Post Game equipment set ups. (Archived)
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Soul59354/12 11:21PM