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any backstory or lore on how Geddoe lost one of his eyes? (Archived)Flamechamp233394/2/2013
Whose team is the strongest in chp 1- Hugo's, Chris's, or Geddoe's? (Archived)
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Which character should I give the horned helm & double strike runes to? (Archived)Flamechamp233353/26/2013
I truthfully have no idea how people can think suikoden 5 is better than 3 (Archived)
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More rpg's need "treasure bosses" like suikoden 3 has (Archived)Flamechamp233323/25/2013
I JUST realised why the War Battles Battle system bugs me (Archived)
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3 final teams (Archived)
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best places to buy this game? Cheapest? (Archived)Flamechamp233353/18/2013
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okay so, im getting stuck on the loading screen now (Archived)AstronomerJake83/16/2013
Ideas for a fun replay of the game? (Archived)Master_Pwner103/15/2013
question about placing multiple statues at lake castle *spoilers* plz help (Archived)Flamechamp233343/13/2013
We made it into the top ten for a 10 year old game that ain't bad!!!! (Archived)Flamechamp233343/13/2013
Skill Slot Codes (Archived)deity_shadow43/12/2013
When you guys played Suikoden 3 for the first time: (fun little questions) (Archived)Flamechamp233363/12/2013
gonna be starting a new playthrough. Would appreciate some advice (Archived)AstronomerJake53/10/2013
Best treasure hunt setup for Hugo chapter 3? (Archived)
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what's your guys' favorite town in S3 and all-time favorite towns for any rpg's (Archived)
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