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StickyThe definitive SoA help topic - Version 2 **Come here first** (Sticky)
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New Worlds Unite cover revealed, new Skies of Arcadia reps confirmed.toad13334/26 11:10AM
Vote for Vyse in Smash Brothers! (Archived)LikeIIs34/13 7:02AM
I will never be able to find this game for a decent price smh it's been years (Archived)BignutzisBack14/12 9:23AM
Man, I am getting way overleveled (Archived)
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HylianFox373/30 4:30AM
Vyse to be in the next Archie Sonic/Megaman crossover? (Archived)
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BeanBeanKingdom153/13 10:00PM
Does this game support progressive scan? (Archived)LordJackal33/7 11:03PM
"Elmo knows where you live!" (Archived)HylianFox43/5 7:16PM
swashbuckler rating (Archived)Routanne42/21 8:07AM
I'd love to play this again but.... (Archived)jenrais1012/29 8:37PM
Vyse Statue now being posted :D (Archived)sshadow5002312/26 10:38AM
For the last three years, I've played this every year... (Archived)vicil212/7 5:37PM
Skies of Arcadia vs. One Piece (Archived)
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Fantastic011811/27 2:58PM
Just got to start playing this, can anyone help a newbie out? (Archived)
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BlazeAssassin1411/21 4:41PM
How to heal your party (like a Final Fantasy Inn) (Archived)sssenpai410/12 8:17PM
Magic elemental affinity question (Archived)BattleAxeRX910/10 9:07PM
I made an image about this game. (Archived)BeanBeanKingdom49/26 9:05AM
questions about supermoves (spoilers) (Archived)Simon3333339/17 5:54AM
Favorite Skies of Arcadia Memory (spoilers throughout the topic!) (Archived)
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XenoHendrix279/10 10:34PM
This might just be the best JRPG I've played (Archived)
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Raihazan119/10 7:54AM
I think I just had the most Aika-centric battle ever (*Bounty SPOILERS*) (Archived)NegaZelda28/31 5:25PM