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StickyThe definitive SoA help topic - Version 2 **Come here first** (Sticky)
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questions about supermoves (spoilers)Simon3333339/17 5:54AM
Just got to start playing this, can anyone help a newbie out?BlazeAssassin59/13 8:52AM
Favorite Skies of Arcadia Memory (spoilers throughout the topic!)
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XenoHendrix279/10 10:34PM
This might just be the best JRPG I've played
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Raihazan119/10 7:54AM
I think I just had the most Aika-centric battle ever (*Bounty SPOILERS*) (Archived)NegaZelda28/31 5:25PM
Possible Skies of Arcadia Remake (Poll)
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WightKnigjht118/28 1:16AM
Anything 100% missable I need to worry about? (Archived)Bearpowers68/17 3:54PM
Skies of Arcadia wallpaper I made (Archived)HylianFox98/11 1:05PM
Is this game worth $60? (Archived)
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agent1136138/9 6:56PM
What affects super move strength ? (Archived)theseus1967/28 1:57PM
First4Figures will soon release a Vyse statue (Archived)HylianFox37/27 6:03PM
Fina and Ramirez *spoilers* (Archived)HylianFox67/20 5:29PM
A game with the same charm as SOA (Wild Arms 5) (Archived)legaiaflame257/17 10:32PM
Is there an easy way to find the Balloon Seed? (Archived)EternalSillyness56/14 10:05AM
Aura of Valor. (Archived)WightKnigjht45/29 4:40PM
Ruined a 100% Playthrough by overgrinding? (Light spoilers) (Archived)datxehanort85/21 3:42PM
Ideas and Improvements for a Remake/Sequel (Archived)
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Sin93155/14 8:28PM
The cannons of the Grand Fortress. (Archived)
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GeneralFatman205/5 4:58AM
Hard mode (Archived)vyseskies24/28 1:01PM
"Arcadian Moons" Description (Nintendo Power) (Archived)ShmittlesThePoe24/26 1:30AM