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6 years ago#491

Well I agree that EA should let Shift be its own series or just drop it all together. You already know I'm a firm believer in NFS being solely an arcade racer. I'm not really that much of a simulation fan.

Speaking of weapons, you need to play Blur if you haven't already. I played the beta and I was absolutely addicted. It's like Mario Kart for big kids. I haven't enjoyed a racing game that much since Midnight Club 3.

6 years ago#492
For some stupid reason those "bland track based" racers sell pretty damn well; just look at the Gran Turismo and Forza series. Not every brand could compete with those two conglomerates, so who better than EA, with their 100 million plus selling NFS franchise? After all, for them simulation racing is wildly untapped territory, other than Pro Street which was just a bad game with a bad name.

So why not string an alliance with a developer who actually makes GOOD simulation games, slap it with the NFS brand and logo and watch it warmly hugging up with the critics and fans? That's what SHIFT was - a critically and commercially successful simulation racing game - a first for EA. The Underground fans were confused, the MW fans were jolted and the Old Skool fans were pointing fingers at EA, hoping the product would be a flop, all from this board. But it didn't - it expanded the NFS brand name into unfamiliar simulation racing territory, giving EA a couple more fans in their already giant propellers.

Well, that's my opinion.
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6 years ago#493
I don't argue, and that's exactly why NFS did it. But why follow up with a sequel so quickly and leave the Underground/Most Wanted fans to fuzz out in the cold even longer? It made sense to try it once, and given how surprisingly successful it was, I don't blame them for wanting to cash in on a sequel. But they're doing it, once again, at the expense of their other, older, more "loyal" NFS fans.

Also...about 8 more posts I believe and this topic will be closed. That seems...odd.
6 years ago#494
I don't know why, RedHawk. It would seem proper for them to cash in on something so successful, especially being who they are - EA. I'm guessing if you would've asked an EA rep the same question, they would've responded with something about "timing". Maybe the resources aren't there; maybe the dev. team wants to try something else. Maybe they want to build up anxiety for a game - like what pretty much happened with the upcoming Hot Pursuit.

I'm not sure why. The philosophy behind why businesses do the things they do is pretty endless, at least from the perspective I'm thinking from.

Plus, do you remember Undercover? I guess that was sort of the next Most Wanted, which, according to EA, wasn't very successful.

And yes, this topic has finally almost crawled to it's last stop. I don't think JBear was expecting this when he started this thing back in March of '09, with some bike pictures. I've gotta say - it was one moody topic!
Your eyes just had to land here, didn't they? Well, I suppose you're seeking something curious here, right? Something entertaining? Well... is this enough?
6 years ago#495
Undercover was decent; better than Shift in my opinion, but not anywhere near as good as Most Wanted. I can see why people were disappointed with it, but that doesn't mean that they'll all suddenly become simulation fans. With EA completely changing and catering just to sim fans with games like Shift and its upcoming sequel, they're looking at a brand new group of consumers and ignoring their past group...the ones that made NFS as popular a series as it is today.

And no, I don't believe JBear expected it. I didn't either, to be honest, but somehow this was the one topic that survived the drought in this place. And it was the one topic that was made by somebody who expected it to die rather quickly I think, so irony plays into it a bit...
6 years ago#496

Ooooooh no, Undercover was a disaster. I'm very suprised you, the NFS purist, of all people actually thought it was decent. I couldn't stand even 30 minutes of that game. It was just as bad, if not worse than Pro$hit Basically, they took everything that made Most Wanted such a great game, chewed it up, and spit it all out. The free-roam city was a recycled, uninspired version of Rockport with way too much bloom effect and washed out color palette. Races were boring, there was barely any traffic, and worst of all they were waaaay too easy. Pursuits were no different from how they were in Most Wanted with the expection of new voice overs. I could keep listing things I didn't like about it but you get the idea. The worst part is that EA duped me into believing that Undercover would be an awesome game. Now I finally understand why they never released a demo. if I had known how bad it was, I would never have bothered. good thing I only rented it.

The good news for you, redhawk, is that Shift 2 is coming out in the spring and won't interfere with whatever game is planned for next fall.

6 years ago#497
I admit that I only felt the need to play through Undercover once, unlike MW, and I haven't touched it much since then. I felt that it was indeed a rip-off of MW, but that wasn't necessarily a terrible thing. No, the pursuits weren't as good as MW's. No, the city wasn't as inspired or original. No, the story wasn't as good (actually, even Carbon was better). But the racing was solid for the most part, car selection was nice, and the controls were pretty tight.

As for Shift 2...I hope you're right, but you never know what kind of garbage EA will throw at you.

Lastly, only 3 more posts until this thing is done.
6 years ago#498
Don't worry, guys. I'm sure they'll be making an Underground 3 soon enough to settle down one of their fan segments. But we're next, and we've waited longest.

And no, RedHawk, you're absolutely wrong; only 2 more posts until this thing is done ;)
Your eyes just had to land here, didn't they? Well, I suppose you're seeking something curious here, right? Something entertaining? Well... is this enough?
6 years ago#499
Don't you mean one more?
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6 years ago#500

And I leave you with:

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