Wow...Could It Be?

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7 years ago#1

Heh, this is look like with just 4 more signatures, our little old petition will crawl its way up to the 500 mark. And now, thinking back...that mark now seems more pathetic than it ever was before (lol). But hey, at least it should finally get there.

7 years ago#2
7 years ago#3

People still roam this board! SIGN!

7 years ago#4
Lol...yep, people are still here. You check out our petition yet? Look in my sig.
6 years ago#5
6 years ago#6

you should make it clickable ^_^ definately

6 years ago#7

and facebook groups get thousands of people quick!

6 years ago#8
Hmm...a good idea. I'm not on facebook though, and I still just couldn't see a ton of people finding the petition on there, much less taking the time to actually sign it. Thanks for the suggestions, though...I'll go see if I can make that link clickable.
6 years ago#9
6 years ago#10

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