Bring the Old Days Back!

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About 10 minutes or free drive gameplay here, showcasing an LP550-2 and the mountains roads:

Looks pretty good in my opinion. I like the 180-degree turns, and the graphics of course are stunning. Apparently some people managed to get the game early.
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My review of NFS Hot Pursuit is up now, and it can be viewed here:
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P.S. - That review is better than my old TDU review. ;)
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I disliked much of the new Hot Pursuit.

I like this game. Ferrari F50 is the best car in this game.
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While the two games are very different, the AI in the new Hot Pursuit is much improved, you have to admit that. First of all, I can't smoke them by over 1 minute of seperation and yet they never really give the appearance of being cheap. Also, cops don't pull behind your car and follow you for a set amount of time before always trying to slowly creep around your side and pit you. That right there was the biggest thing that killed the fun from HP2...I could manipulate and exploit the problems with cop AI and after a while it became boring. Doesn't happen in the new HP.
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Here's some Autolog pics of mine, for the sake of a topic bump:

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First batch of NFS Hot Pursuit DLC expansion is out now. New cars, new events, new trophies.
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Kinda late. Platinum'd that weeks ago and have since started playing other games and lost interest. I'll give it a look soon, though.
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I platinum'd it shortly after release as well, but have since still played it frequently. Online races are very fun and offline is still nice to mess around in, which is an attribute that Hot Pursuit games have always had.