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6 years ago#11
Well thats one way of screwing someone over. Shoot an very fast 240 mph missle at them when their going around a crcuial bend.
6 years ago#12
I actually got pretty good at dodging those things. The only trouble is when you don't see them being launched, or like when you said, you're going around a bend and can't maneuver around them.
6 years ago#13
I thought the police was supposed to bring an situation to a peaceful end? What's peaceful about shooting a missle into a highly combustble car?
6 years ago#14
Since when did the police in a NFS game care about peaceful endings, lol? Except for when they break off from you at the end of a chase in HP2...which I find to be a bit ridiculous. "21 to 9, you want another missile to launch before we slam the guy into the guardrail up ahead and lay down the spike strip?" "9 to 21, negative on that; disengage the pursuit now, this is getting out of hand, he could kill somebody." "21 to 9, copy that. Cancel the missile launch Rotor 1, and hold off on the nuke as well..."
6 years ago#15
Actually what does trigger lose the cops. I nver knew what it was but I get it randomly during races.
6 years ago#16
It happens if you're currently being chased by the cops during the last leg of the final lap of a race (or simply near the end if it's a point-to-point).
6 years ago#17
Is it me or do the AI and cops sometime rubberband? Or I'm taking corners to softly? [I hate scratichng my car.]
6 years ago#18
I didn't notice much rubber-banding in HP2...actually I was able to build up minute-long leads on my opponents sometimes, lol. Rubber-banding is way, way more evident in NFS3 and Most Wanted though (and Carbon, but who cares about that game...).
6 years ago#19
It seems though the cpu during some courses have a rapid brake and super accelration. [Better seen on the S curves in Autumns Crossing or another track that takes you through their.
6 years ago#20
I suppose that's apparent in most racing games' AI though, right?

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