yo dis game SUCKED, man! Underground was 4 da real playas!

#1MunKy321Posted 5/19/2014 1:56:34 PM
So I, like, put dis butthole of a game into mah Ps2 da other day and found dis s#$% smellin worse den da s#$% that cums outta mah butthole, yo. Fo realz, dis game don't have Evos and da Skyline, man. EVOS AND DA SKYLINE, MAN! What kinda crazy s#$% dey be pullin by not havin dem in da NFS, yo? S#$%, dey wuz crazy, man! And den you canst even tune yo ride - ARE YOU F*&^%* SERIOUS??? Damn, dey musta been smokin some funny s#$% wen dey made dis game, yo! Playa, I n mah bros wanna be rollin in ours pimpin rides, yo, scorin some rep like in da reel ghetto hood, bra, and DIS GAME DON'T TAKE PLACE IN NO GHETTO HOOD, YO! YOU BE DRIVIN IN A F*&^%* FOREST OR DESERT, MAN! N I wanna be feelin da underground hip hop, cuz dats reel playa music, yo, and DIS GAME DONT HAVE DA UNDERGROUND BEATS, MAN! N dis game dont have no story and s#$%, yo, and dat be makin da game a reel drag, son, and deres NO F%^&*$ DRAG OR DRIFT IN DIS GAME, man, dis game suck dat much, bra! Son, dis game be da turd of da Ps2 NFS games, man! Underground n Underground 2 is where da reel homies be at, bra! Dont even think bout playin dis s#$% its a waste of time n bling, yo! No drag, drift, tuners, tuning, rap, story n urban streets = PIECE OF S#$% SMELLIN WORSEN DEN MAH S#$%, YO! Underground homie 4 life, dawg! 4 LIFE!!!
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