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6 years ago#1
I played this game years ago, and even though I really liked it, I found myself getting very easily frustrated, and always checking FAQ's for the most simplest solutions to getting through levels. Of course, this ruined my experience, but it just seemed to take so long to reach a single target.

Anyways, fast-forward many years later, when my gaming skills have reached their maximum level, and I can finally see how this game was meant to be played. It's not about spotting your targer on the map, and trying to hurry up and get to him. It's about studying the map in it's entirety, and weeding out the enemy(s) that would provide the most trouble in you getting to your target. I watched the map in Anathema for a long time, when I realized all that needed to be done was to fiber wire the lone guard patrolling the garden area (besides the two obvious butt pirates that go pee together). Once he's out, you take his clothes, climb the ladder, and wait for the most opportune moment to enter and fiber wire the Don.

I just had a blast playing Kirov Park Meeting though. I always went for the boring bomb approach when I played before. This time I wanted to explore the map, and check for more fun solutions. I discovered that there are two sniping positions, the church and the radio tower. Well, I had bad luck with the church, plus I had to plant a bomb anyway, so I just took the sewer to the radio tower, and scoped out the park. It took a while to find my targets, but when I did, I realized they're heads were lined up perfectly for a one-hit, two-man kill. I lined up my shot, and pulled the trigger - POP, they both fell. I couldn't contain my glee. What made it even better was it triggered no alarm. I was free to walk to my exit point without a care in the world. What an amazing experience.

It just goes to show you, if you don't worry so much about a successful hit at first, and just explore the map, there's no telling what you may stumble across.

A quick question though. I currently have Silent Assassin status on the first 3 levels (the only ones I"ve played so far), but I had to repeat the first level to get it. I don't understand what went wrong. I fiber-wired two guards, then shot the Don in the head with a silenced pistol. No Alerts. I read that you can kill your target in whatever manner you like, and it doesn't count against you. But this seems to be wrong. The only shot I fired was assassinating the Don, and it counted. Is this wrong or is my game glitched?

Anyways, can't wait til tomorrow night, to see what I can manage in the Tubeway Torpedo mission. It looks extremely intimidating. I remember the layout from before, and I remember hating this mission. I think it was the sewer escape that I hated. I'll find out tomorrow. Man, this game's so effin' fun!!
6 years ago#2
The ratings rely on a point system. Target kills do not count towards your points but shots fired, guard kills and civilian kills do along with alerts and bodies found... I can't remember if close encounters do but I think so. But for Silent Assassin you have a limit of a MAXIMUM of 2 points. Shots fired and guards killed are 1 point each so you racked up 3 points (remember, anesthesia is your friend). Killing your target doesn't count, no matter the method, but the shot itself does. IIRC, civilian kills count for 2 points so if you kill one you can't kill anyone else or shoot any bullets if you want to make SA.

Just for fun I'll give you some other info if you want to challenge yourself and work for minimal stats... Aside from the last mission, the game can be completed without firing more than two shots (one for the computer in Basement Killing and one for the window in Graveyard Shift) and without killing more than one person (Mr. 17 in Revisited) although there is an exploit to avoid even that kill. The rest of the stats you can obtain all zeros for the entire game (the stats for the last mission aren't recorded). There are also a couple glitches that will try to interfere with your stats:

In Tracking Hayamoto, if you stand at the gate to exit while waiting for an objective to finish, the mission usually doesn't end right away even when you're standing right in the exit area. Instead, wait nearby and when the objective completes, dash to the exit to exit immediately.

In Hidden Valley there is a tunnel that trucks drive up and down. Sometimes a guard in the tunnel will get run over and you'll randomly get a Body Has Been Found notice. This counts against you. Also, the Japanese guards in general seem to spot you way to easy so you should never get in their sight even when fully disguised.

And in Temple City Ambush there is a glitched guard wearing a purple turban in the area with the assassins. If he sees you he will stick to you like glue. If you haven't delivered the photos, it becomes impossible to complete the mission since he will kill you contact. Also note that killing him does not count against your stats or point total at all. Personally, I prefer doing the mission avoiding him altogether but it's up to you.

This isn't really a glitch but if you don't know what's going on you might be confused: during St. Petersburg Revisited, after you kill Mr. 17, a guard is activated that is basically programmed to be a bloodhound. This guard goes straight to 17's corpse no matter where you hide it so it will count against your stats unless you anesthetize 17 and drag him close enough to the exit that you can leave faster than the guard can find the corpse. Melee weapon + stairs is an easy way to off 17 without waiting around for him to wake up. The exploit I mentioned is rather annoying to pull off and involves knocking 17 out and dragging him into the street. If he gets hit by a car as he's waking up the kill doesn't count against you. If he's still knocked out, it does count against you. I find the exploit to be a pain in the butt so I don't bother.

Happy hunting.
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6 years ago#3
Argh, everything was going so smoothly, and I was having a blast up until that damnable Hidden Valley level. I remember having a ***** of a time with this before, and that was when I wasn't trying to get Silent Assasin rankings.

The funny thing is, I wasn't even planning on getting Silent Assasin ranking at all, but I realized how easy it was, and now I have to get them all, lol.

I honestly have no idea what to do. I tried riding in the truck. I tried footing in across the entire valley under BOTH disguises. And don't even get me started on footing in through the tunnel!!!

I'm simply out of ideas. I get I'm gonna have to look through a FAQ. I'm disgusted that I have to do this, but this level is obviously so badly done, that I don't even care anymore. How could Eidos let this type of level get out with their game? Everything else seems so well done, and then they put in this crap??!!!

Whatever. Anyways, thanks for the info on what I did wrong in Anathema. That helped a lot. I was under the impression that even if I shot the target, the shot wouldn't count. Now I understand though. *sigh* I can't believe how frustrated I am. Went from having an epic time to cursing the very developers who put this game out. Well, tomorrow's another day >_>.
6 years ago#4
Hidden Valley is one of the harder ones. There are guard checkpoints in the tunnel so hoofing it completely through there is out. The way I go is outlined in my FAQ but you have to stick to the surface most of the way and then dip down into the tunnel to pass a small part. The "Snipers Have Acquired Target" notice doesn't count for anything so don't worry about that. Just make sure nobody else sees you, even from a great distance, and make sure you move quickly because those trucks will kill someone eventually. Also, I found if you get the "Body Has Been Found" notice near the end you can sometimes run to the exit without it counting.
"We won. We must have been right." - Aeon Flux
6 years ago#5
Well, shortly after posting, I researched all the Silent Assassin FAQ's. R I C K, I just think you should know that there's a much easier and quicker method than the one you have in your FAQ. If your method works best for you, then feel free to ignore the rest of this paragraph. But after restarting the entire mission (for some damnable reason, all the trucks had frozen on me. I read in another FAQ that if one truck gets stuck, they all stop moving. WTF??). Anyways, I hoofed it to the lone tunnel ladder that you were talking about, and from there it's just the simple matter of killing the ninja, then waiting for the truck to come by. Get on the truck, and it'll take you straight to the exit. I imagine some luck may be involved here, but on my very first try, I wasn't spotted at all. So I don't know if the enemies can spot you beyone this point or not, but I'd rather risk this than weaving in and out of the pillars, hoping against hope that I stay out of the ninja's eyesight, lol.

Oh, I did that mission in less than 5 minutes with an easy Silent Assassin ranking. I'd like to point out that I killed two guards (fiber wire), and when I got to the lone guard patrolling that long, lonely valley, I just ran past him, and he supposedly alerted all the guards, and I think he even shot at me, but I still got Silent Assasin ranking. So either those particular types of "alarms" don't count against you, or I'm not understanding something.

Anyways, last night was an awesome night. Ended up playing through to the inside of the castle. Quick question. After reading the 3 Silent Assassin FAQ's, I noticed none of them make mention of the fact that if you're in disguise in both the HIdden Valley level, and At The Gates, that the snipers will never spot you, unless of course another guard alerts them to your presence. As long as your under disguise, you can literally run all over the place, avoiding the patrolling guards, and the sniper's won't shoot you. I only bring this up cuz I didn't notice any of the FAQ's mentioning this. So ignore this if it's a well-known fact.

I had a hell of a time trying to get in the castle though. At least once I was inside the gates. Mainly during the part where you have to get to the 2nd generator. I only noticed one way, but it seems like there should be another way, cuz I only made it through out of complete luck. The only path I could find was dropping down onto the top of the northern gate, and running across and dropping to the top of the lower gate, then dropping to ground level inside the gate. The only way after this is in front of the hut with all the snipers looking out the windows. For some reason, the snipers are alerted to your presence with or without a disguise, and there seems to be no way to cross over to the 2nd generator without pissing them off. So I just booked it and ran, down the stairs and out the front gate, turned around and noticed the lone ninja walking back to the hut. Then I ran back upstairs and to the generator, pissing them off again. So I hid again, and they retreated. Flipped off the generator, and went on about the rest of the mission.

It doesn't seem logical that you're supposed to just run in front of all those snipers, revealing your presence. But the only other way is inside the hut, and that's obviously not an option. Either way, even after all those supposed "alerts", I still got Silent Assassin ranking. I was shocked. I so obviously was NOT a silent assassin, blindly running in front of a butt-load of snipers, but whatever works. I'll take a cheap victory in this game any day : )

Now on to The Shogun Showdown. I am not looking forward to this mission. If memory serves me correctly, there's way too many guards and ninjas to sneak around. I don't know how I'm gonna get Silent Assassin ranking, but I'll spend all night trying if I have to.
6 years ago#6
Yeah, I tried riding in the truck many times and they never failed to spot me even from a great distance so I gave up on that method.

As for the generator, it seems my method involved turning those snipers. If you don't know how to do that, it's quite useful and the method is fully described in my Tricks section.

Shogun Showdown is one of the first missions I got a perfect SA on. It takes awhile but is not too difficult if you study the level. There are a few usable things lying around that will make it a lot easier.
"We won. We must have been right." - Aeon Flux
6 years ago#7
Turning the snipers? Hmm, interesting. I'll look into in tomorrow.

Yeah, Shogun Showdown was so much easier than I remember. I seem to be suffering some kind of memory loss though. I seem to remember Hayamoto challenging you to a swordfight if you make it up to his room at the top of the castle. I tried several times, but everytime i'd get too close to him, he'd just run away. I guess it's possible I'm thinking of another game, but I was quite sure it was this one. Anyway, is it at all possible to kil Hayamoto Sr. up close and personal without triggering any alerts? It's just that the picture of the Shogun Showdown loading screen just amps me up for a close quarters kill with this guy. Instead I have to use the boring bomb approach.

Well, I'm currently stuck on Basement Killing. Well I'm not really stuck. I think I know what to do. I'm just confused on some of the elements of this mission. First and foremost, when I manage to drug the pizza boy in the restroom and hide his body successfully, I'll walk around forever and forever before getting the message that Sidjan wants a pizza. By that time, the friggin' pizza boy wakes up. I just can't manage to successfully use this disguise.

But the most annoying problem I was having was the other approach. Drugging an officer, planting the smoke bomb and gaining access to the Fire Dept. I successfully manage to switch disguises, donning the Fireman disguise, but when the security guard wakes up, my Fireman's cover is blown. It doesn't make sense. Why are they trying to kill a Fireman when the security guard wakes up?

Well it looks like I have to restart this mission. I managed to run past the securtiy guards in the basement, and down into the 2nd basement. They were very, very alarmed when I ran past them down the stairs, so I don't know how I was able to pick the lock before they could run down the stairs. Well, only one of the guards ran down after me, so I just stayed out of his line of sight by walking around one of the generators down there, until his alarm status went down. Then he left. So I was getting ready to axe Sidjan, then he came down again in full alert status. It seemed kind of glitchy. So I just axed him, giving me my silent kill. Then I axed my target, and was all ready to finish the mission with Silent Assasin status, til I realized I still had to go back upstairs and gain access to the elevator. There's no way for me to pick the lock to the power box. There's just no way. So I guess I have to restart the mission. I think I have a better approach this time.
6 years ago#8
Yep, that's how it goes when you're going for SA. You just gotta try something, examine what was wrong with the method and try to fix it or try something new. As for Hayamoto, I don't remember if there's an alternate method. I always used the bomb. I know in Contracts the Red Dragon leader attacks you with a sword if you approach him. Not sure about this game, though.
"We won. We must have been right." - Aeon Flux
6 years ago#9
Well, I've somehow managed to make it all the way to Terminal Hospitality with all SA rankings. Makes me smile hard, considering how difficult I used to think this game was back in the day. I remember only getting two SA rankings back then, one for Anathema and the other for Tunnel Rat. Although I don't remember how cuz I'm sure I wouldn't have taken the time to put those last two guards to sleep up by the Helipad. Whatever...

Anyway, Temple City Ambush gave me quite a bit of frustration, but mainly cuz I wasn't well-versed on whether or not the two kills were actually "target kills" or not. So naturally I was thinking that I was only allowed to silently kill these rookie assassins with no alerts whatsoever. Well, I obviously was able to kill the sniper easily enough. His brother was standing by a pillar in between the two market places. So I just snuck up behind him, and watched the map for a minute til nobody else was in sight, fiber-wired him, and with my heart racing like a maniac, I was dragging him back towards one of the staircases, when I guess one of the "officers" must have just spotted him being drug away, but wasn't able to quite see where he was being drug to. So she signaled an alert, but only investigated the area where I killed the poor sap. All she had to do was look a little ways to her right, and it would have been all over.

Well, I thought it was over anyway, since in my mind, I just got two kills and an alert. So I just said to hell with it, I'll finish up the mission and try again tomorrow. And to my absolute enjoyment, I saw that I only had 1 alert and no kills. I could've smacked myself for being so stupid. Lol.

Some story-related questions. Don't spoil anything for me, even though I beat this game long ago, I don't quite remember what happens. But I'd like to know if all these chapters I've played are related in any way. I know they're all contracted out by the same client, but damn near every one of them have to do with weapons. The generals at the beginning were supposedly part of an arms-dealing or arms-smuggling operation. So was Hayamoto. Then you had the Sidjan twins who stole some kind of weapon, I just can't remember what it was. Although I'm guessing it must have been the same weapon 47 retrieves in Tunnel Rat, since the Khan supposedly stole it from the Sidjans (unless I'm just totally confused on this part). So does this weapon have anything to do with what the general's and Hayamoto were up to? It would seem so, but everything is just way too unclear at this point. Any insight would be very much appreciated.
6 years ago#10
The story is rather confusing only because of the way the game delivers it and so it goes over most people's heads unless they play through a couple times but you've basically put all the pieces together. The mission are all linked by the same client and it is all about the weapon, a nuclear warhead, that you retrieved in Tunnel Rat and the guidance system you stole from Hayamoto. Most of the missions were either stealing the weapons, setup to be able to steal the weapons or taking out witnesses that could later on put 2 and 2 together and point the finger at the client.
"We won. We must have been right." - Aeon Flux
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