This game is so much more fun than I remembered

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6 years ago#11
Yes, that makes so much sense now. I was sure the weapon had to be related to the generals and Hayamoto, but the game never made it clear. Thank you very much.

I'm planning on doing another run as soon as I'm done, to pay extra attention to all the story elements. One more question though. What are the differences between difficulties. I would assume the obvious, more damage taken, less damage dished out. But if you're always going for Silent Assassin ranking, that doesn't even matter. So is they're anything that would make getting the SA ranking more difficult, like more guards or different patrol patterns?

R I C K, You've been a great help with this current run. I'm interested to know, what are you playing now? It's so sad to see that me and you seem to be the only visitors to this dead board. I know it's old, but so is Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy 7, yet those boards seem to be active enough. This game is legend, and it's sad it's legendary status won't live on in the Gamefaqs forum : (
6 years ago#12
For the higher difficulties, I think the patterns are the same and the damage is different as you said but since that doesn't matter, the only major difference is that people aren't shown on the map so you can't track guard patterns with it.

Right now I'm kind of in between games. Though I recently obtained Hitman: Codename 47, Contracts and Blood Money played them all and then replayed them to get perfect stats (except CN47 which doesn't use stats and isn't geared toward letting you beat missions stealthily). Even if the Hitman boards are slow/dead, I regularly check all of them for all systems in case anyone needs help or something. Mostly, though, I've been going back to 100% finish some old games like Dirge of Cerberus, Fatal Frame 2, Soul Calibur 3, Disgaea 2 and I just downloaded some new user maps for Portal so I can do some new stuff with that.
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6 years ago#13
Yikes, no enemy-tracking map!! To hell with that. Is it that way on just the Hard difficulty? I just don't think I'd like playing this game without knowing where the enemies are. This isn't Snake Eater, lol.

Anyways, just beat the game tonight. That last mission was so fun. I fiber-wired the slow guard in the beginning area, then quickly fiber-wired the guy on the top steps, temporarily avoiding the faster guy patrolling the beginning area. I then fiber wired the guy at the bottom of the steps and ran to my shed. Picked up my M9000 or whatever the hell it's called Sniper Rifle and took out the sniper. Then it was time to have some fun. Picked up the M4 Carbine, and as stealthily as I could, I when on a mass-murdering spree. I ended the whole thing by sneaking halfway behind Sergei with my fiber-wire, then doing a quick-sprint before he could turn around, cutting off the air supply to his sarcophagus. Makes me wish their were more missions like this in the game.

After reading through some old topics, and checking with wikipedia, it seems the general consensus is the Agency had nothing to do with 47 being set up. I didn't see it this way. I mean all the pick-ups 47 recieves are left by the Agency, right? So the blanks in St. Petersburg Revisited were left by them. I mean that's the only logical conclusion I can come up with. Especially since we don't hear from Diana anymore after the set-up was discovered.

Something else that has been bothering me for a few days. What the hell is the deal with that woman temporarily replacing Diana in the Graveyard Shift mission? That was totally random. I half-expected to hear from her again before finishing the game, but since we don't, then what was the point of all that? Well, can't wait to get started on my next run. This time with a fifth of Jim Beam and coke ; ) - it's gonna be a fun weekend.

R I C K, man how can you play so many games at once. I try not to play more than one game at a time. I used to play multiple games, and always found myself forgetting the controls for certain games. I've never played any of those games you mentioned, although I'm interested in them all. I loved the first Fatal Frame, but have yet to play the second game. Also, I've been wanting to play Portal for a long time now. Alas, I'm still stuck in the last generation of gaming systems. Way too many PS2 games to keep me occupied for the next year or so at least.
6 years ago#14
I'm pretty sure it's just Professional that doesn't have people shown.

Yeah, the agency setup the drop points for you but it was done with Sergei's assistance and he later swapped out the real bullets with blanks. I don't think they explicitly say that but I think it was implied. I can't remember the dialog and such exactly since it's been awhile since I played. But, yeah, Sergei swapped your bullets.

They don't make any mention about Diana's replacement other than when the lady tells you that she's sitting in for Diana. Since the developers don't say any more about it, I'm just assuming it was done for a touch of realism. The mission is The Graveyard Shift so as the title implies, it's now the middle of the night. Diana must have just left to go home for the night, lol. Pretty mediocre explanation but if you think about the quality of The Agency's intel and the professionalism of their briefings it's shown that they're a pretty upscale, professional service with lots of connections so having regular shifts isn't far fetched. The later games also elaborate on it a bit more.

If you're gonna play again here's a fun little glitch that's rarely brought up: During the last mission, after you kill all the body guards, don't shoot the confessional window right away. Instead, go around to the confessional door that's near the entrance. Equip your fiber wire and use it on the door. You can kill Sergei through the door but that's not the end of the glitch. Now you can go ahead and shoot the confessional window. Something you have to see just once...

Ah, well I didn't play ALL those games at the same time. I usually play only two, sometimes three at a time. The Hitman games I played one at a time and the others I played here and there. Soul Calibur 3 is one I especially can't do all at once. There's like 6 billion unlockables and the AI is so, so cheap when it's on the hardest level. I'll die before I unlock everything in that one.
"We won. We must have been right." - Aeon Flux
6 years ago#15
Lol, six billion unlockables huh. That must be some sort of record. The important thing is that you make sure you're having fun doing all that stuff. Once the fun has stopped, it's time to move onto something else. Least that's the way I see it ; )

I love your explanation on Clera during the Graveyard Shift. Hahaha, I guess I can't really argue with that. As sexy as Diana's voice sounds, I have to imagine she has some sort of personal life outside of 47's hit missions. It's interesting you say this is touched on in later games. I'm definitely itching to get my hands on the two sequels.

I didn't start my new run tonight. Instead I decided to watch youtube videos of Codename 47. I'll just never get over the fact that Eidos can't seem to understand that fans of the series desperately need them to release this game on other consoles. This just boggles my mind. An no, Contracts does NOT count. I am not, and will never be a PC gamer. I can't stand that type of gaming. So I guess Eidos views that as undeserving to play the first Hitman game. Really pisses me off.

Well, I'm up to the Frants Fuchs mission. I'm about to finish the videos up tonight, then start my next run tomorrow night. I knew about the fiber wiring Sergei glitch, and I remember trying this back in the day. I can't remember if I was ever successful or not. Although I didn't know about the glitch that happens afterwards. I read about that in another closed topic. Definitely something I'm gonna try out ; -)

I think you might be wrong about the Agency not knowing about your set-up though. There's no dialogue that implies that Sergei switched the ammo pick-ups. But there is dialogue at the very end, when 47 is leaving the Church, he talks about learning from all this mess, that he can never really trust anyone ever again. This can only be because of the Agency's set-up. I mean, who else betrayed his trust? His client?? I certainly don't think 47's gonna put complete faith in a nameless, faceless paycheck. That final scene just doesn't make sense unless the Agency set him up. Does the Agency still give 47 missions in the later games? Contracts doesn't count as it's mainly flashbacks. But what about Blood Money?
6 years ago#16
Contracts does actually count because the flashbacks take place while 47 is gravely wounded during a present day contract. He's still working for the Agency at the time. Blood Money really elaborates on 47, Diana and the Agency a lot, too. They have no problems concerning HM2. The final mission was set up entirely by Sergei to kill you. Your map has a fake target and there's the cardboard Sergei, it was all his doing.
"We won. We must have been right." - Aeon Flux
6 years ago#17
Oh, I was also going to mention HM47. I don't know how the videos portray it but there are more problems with it aside from it just not recording stats which is probably another reason they don't want to release it. There are a lot of glitches in that game... Too many for me to type out all of them but some are bad enough to make you restart. A few times I climbed up a ladder and when I got to the top, instead of climbing onto the landing, 47 fell down the ladder and died... The game doesn't even have falling damage but I died anyway! Another time I went into a room with only one door to take a guard out but I went to leave and the Open Door option was just gone. I couldn't select anything. I was just stuck. I tried shooting wildly to get some other guards' attention but it didn't work. Had to restart. There are a number of other glitches and problems with the game. It's not surprising that they would rather press on with the series than rerelease CN47.
"We won. We must have been right." - Aeon Flux
6 years ago#18
I wanted to wait til I beat the game again, so I could pay specially close attention to the ending. I guess if Diana and The Agency are still affiliated with 47 after Silent Assassin, then you're right. But after playing the ending of the game again, and watching the final cutscene, it just doesn't fit. 47 specifically dwells on the fact that he can never trust anyone, ever again. So the only thing I can figure is maybe Eidos did imply that the Agency betrayed 47, but then changed that piece of the story in the later games, since it was never really written in stone. It was only "implied", at least in my opinion.

As for Codename 47, yeah I'm aware of all the glitches and problems with the game. But it shouldn't be a problem for Eidos to remake the game, and fix all those problems. It shouldn't even cost that much in production, since the core mechanics of the game already exist. It would only be a matter of enhancing the graphics and gameplay, and testing for glitches. After watching all the videos, it just looks like such an awesome game. Although I did not like the fact that you could just run up to an enemy and fiber wire him. That didn't seem realistic at all, lol.

Well, I still have a small handful of weapons to acquire in this game. I don't understand why my Custom Rifle didn't save. After watching the credits, I immediately started to play Anathema from the Current Game option, beat it and saved, and my Custom Rifle wasn't there. Well, I'll just try again. I know where all the weapons are except one. It's the one on the back of the case, the shotgun in the Nuristan level. That thing looks sexy too. Where do you get that?

After this, since I don't have Contracts yet, it's time to play some Xenosaga : ) can't wait.
6 years ago#19


No, Why not? ; )
6 years ago#20
another bump for that little killer in all of us. >_>
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