This game is so much more fun than I remembered

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6 years ago#21
That was a fun read between you two.
I miss the dwelling thoughts this game alway evoked. Fun reading another's journey through the awesomeness of Silent Assassin.

Still consider it one of the Top Games I have ever played. Even though I hated it when I first got it.

Miss when these hitman boards were heavily populated. This one seemed to hold for years. Such a huge game with so many different options.

Now you got me itching to reattach my PS2 for more 47.

Oh when oh when will they finally make another hitman.
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6 years ago#22
Lol, didn't mean to make you wanna start the game again, haha. It really is fun though. I thoroughly enjoyed my recent expererience with this game. I'm planning on getting the sequels after Christmas. For now, I've beaten Xenosaga, and have been hopelessly addicted to that damn Mega Man Anniversary Collection. I just can't quit playing that stupid game : (

But hey, now that someone else is here, care to answer my question on where to find that shotgun in the Nuristan level? I never was able to find that thing.
6 years ago#23
Ah, you mean the SP12? If you play Temple City Ambush the guy you first meet with has one sitting right there that you can take.
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6 years ago#24
Oh yeah, I remember that gun now. I didn't get it cuz i was going for SA, and I guess I just forgot all about it. Now I feel dumb. Maybe I should play a run where I just blast through everybody. You can switch to First Person perspective. Anyone think this might be a good FPS? XD
6 years ago#25
*snipes topic in the eyeball*
6 years ago#26
Im currently going back playing some of my older ps2 games. Doing silent hill at the moment, next up I'll probably do hitman again. I also remember how fun this game was. You can do almost any type of kill you want. When I beat the game with silent assassin rating, I would try to go back through it different ways. Like only headshots, only knife kills. Could get many interesting ratings that way. Plus it was always fun just to go on a rampage and brutally kill everyone. I remember Basement killing was the level I used most for this. I would kill random innocent and purposely let somone find them, then when they went to get a guard I would step out of my hiding spot and kill them, good times.
6 years ago#27
bump til i get a new computer Feb. 12 wootwoot
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  3. This game is so much more fun than I remembered

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