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5 years ago#1
So I been trying to obtain the Ballers (silenced) by getting silent assassin on Anathema, but all I experience is glitches and bugs that frustrate me so bad I want to take $20 bucks down to Gamestop and buy the other 5 Hitman 2's to put through a shredder to spare other people the burden of playing this game. I have experienced everything from the Don + a Chief walking through a closed door and solid wall to get in a pistol whipping contest. To having a guy do a tumble backwards between my legs as I was sneaking to fiber wire him, me turning around to shoot, him tumbling to the side away and getting in a shoot out with a bodyguard on normal mode. Am I missing something? Why is sneak take 5 minutes to close 2 feet distance to a guys throat? I am fuming of course because I spent about 4-6 hours trying to get Silent Assassin and at best only getting "Shadow". How do I get it? I shot the Grocery guy in the back of the head took his clothes. Walked and watched for a body guard to talk to the guy on the steps and the guy patrolling behind the car to talk then shot the guy on the steps in the back of the head. Dragged him down to the Basement. Took bodyguard clothes and walked up kitchen. Shot a Chief in the head outside the study where the Desert Eagle was and took the car keys. Walked up to floor 2 out on the balcony and waited for the don to go out and look (which sometimes he seems to glitch and get stuck walking against a wall). Shot him in the head and toke prison key, Checked prison which is empty then took the side exit from basement to the car and left. I only got "Shadow"? I raised no alarms and no one even got to draw their pistol on me. WTF is this crap.
5 years ago#2
As for glitches, this game is pretty minimal and of the glitches I've experienced, no big ones are in Anathema so if you're experiencing a lot of game-breaking glitches, I'd exchange the game if that's an option. Now as for getting an SA rank... well you lost that right here:

I shot the Grocery guy in the back of the head took his clothes.

Yep, getting an SA requires strict adherence to a few things:
1) NO killing civilians - Killing a single civilian, regardless of the means, will push you over the SA limit.
2) Shots fired - You are allowed 2 shots if you don't kill any guards (target kills don't count for kills, by the way, but shooting them still counts for shots fired) or 1 shot if you kill a guard.
3) Kills - You are allowed to kill 1 guard in addition to any targets, if you don't shoot more than once.
4) Close encounters/Alerts - I forget the limits on these. I think you're allowed 1 or 2 close encounters and no alerts but I can't remember 100%.

Killing the civilian is enough to cost you the SA and shooting him is just adding salt. Along with all the other shots and kills, you're going to rank far from SA. Make use of your anesthetic to knock people out instead. 1 bottle is only enough to drop them to the ground. Keep holding the button for multiple doses and you'll knock them out for about 1 minute per bottle so a full 5 bottles will give you about 5 minutes. Then avoid killing anyone that's not a target and if you have to kill a guard, use your wire or a knife.

If you haven't beaten the game, I'd suggest just playing to win first since the AI takes some getting used to for the stealth ranks and you'll also get to collect all the weapons without worrying about killing people to get them. You can replay missions from the same file so you can go back later to get the good ranks, if you like.
"We won. We must have been right." - Aeon Flux
5 years ago#3
What exactly counts as aggression?
5 years ago#4
Shot Fired and Kills count toward Aggression and Close Encounters and Alerts count toward Stealth.
"We won. We must have been right." - Aeon Flux
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