Are the HItman games particularly hard?

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I own the Hitman trilogy for PS2. I had a quick go at the first one a long time ago, and I remember being spotted right at the start, and I couldn't work out why, so I moved on and played something else. I'm not that bad at stealth games (I completed at the Metal Gear Solid games etc), so I know I was just doing something wrong, but I don't know what. So how hard are the Hitman games? I'd like to have another go at the trilogy, and no doubt buy Absolution, but it seems like they might be really tough.
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Hitman 2's suspicion meter always seemed wonky to me at least in the beginning stages. The later Hitman games improved the meter. Here's some tips for all the Hitman games. If you knock out or kill people, hide the bodies so that no one will find them. Also when guards can see you, walk instead of run: running makes the guards very suspicious (at least in hitman 2 they do). Also make sure your disguise fits with the location you are in... if it doesn't the guards might be alerted.
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Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely refer to them, because I will certainly be having another go at these games at some point. I'm sure I was just doing something blatantly wrong, because I was right at start, and no game can be that hard.
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Yeah the first real mission in Hitman 2 is difficult to do without getting alerts. Another thing I should mention is that you get a few saves for the lower difficulties that you can make during the mission so that if you do get spotted, you can just load it up instead of redoing the whole mission. I forget how many saves they give you for normal, but I think the highest difficult gives you none. I never play on the highest difficulty anyways, but I would recommend you start out on a lower difficulty to get a feel for the game. Also refer to your map so you can see where everybody is and to watch out for other characters who might come in a room and blow your cover (I think the highest difficulty doesn't show the location of other characters but I'm not sure).
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Will do, thanks, think I'll try Normal, and just be ultra-careful on the first mission.
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Cool let me know how it goes!
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Sneak mode is your best friend! Remember to bein sneak mode when you pull out your weapon or guards might hear you. The games have always been moderately difficult if you play them correctly. If you go Leon then the games may not have lasting appeal.

The games get easier as they progress, i almost feel BM is too easy. If you give these games some time i'm sure you will be entertained. Start with Blood Money if you can't get into this game or it is too hard.

Absolution is great,btw!
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Thanks, I'll bear that in mind. I'm sure I'll enjoy the games.