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8 years ago#1
I've downloaded some mods, but I don't know how to install them. Emporikum's(sp) Trader Mod says I just have to put it in the SHOC folder, but when I load up the game, the mod isn't doing anything. Any help on getting the mods to work would be appreciated.
8 years ago#2
8 years ago#3
Steam version or standard install?
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8 years ago#4
I can never understand how to install mods, so I downloaded the Mod Manager.
Heres a link to download it, if your interested. I think 1.3 is the latest version:;1948720;/browsefiles.html

After you install the manager, I guess you just select the mod. (Like the Oblivion Lost .zip) then has an "Installing" thing for awhile, and eventually says "Updating" and then you win.
8 years ago#5
Regular version. And thanks.
8 years ago#6
I must be doing something wrong. I installed the mod helper and nothing happened.
8 years ago#7
Did you click the "Install" button, select the proper thing (.zip or from a folder) and click the mod wherever its saved?

Theres also a disable and Enable button if you did install it.. Make sure that didn't switch to Disabled.

Other than that, I'm not sure. :S
8 years ago#8
When I click on it from the download site, it gives me the option to either open it or save it. I saved it to the Mods folder under the SHOC folder. Where is the option to install the mod?
8 years ago#9
Use this tool...;77831

After you unpack all the .db files, a "gamedata" folder should be created, this is where your mods will go.

Click on fsgame.ltx and change this line to read $game_data$=true|true|$fs_root$|gamedata\

Now your ready to start using mods. Once you have it downloaded a mod just copy the file and place it in the corresponding folder. For example, you download a mod to increase the carrying capacity of your character. Take the "config" folder and overwrite the one in your "gamedata" folder. Hope this helps.

It's always a good idea to back up any files you plan on modding, too.
8 years ago#10

For the mod manager, you download it to wherever (I guess the default place it wants to go)
For the mods that your going to use with the mod manager, you just download them to your documents or a folder you made for mods to keep it organized.

To install the mod through the manager, click "Install" then find the mod in your Documents, select it, and click "Open" or whatever the option is.

You don't need to put the mod into any stalker files.

If this is the problem at hand.
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