PSI Helmet?

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7 years ago#1

Im brain scorcher mission, and just watch a video of some1 giving it a go.

I noticed they had a timer up on the screen and they weren't taking damage.

I'v googled all over but the only thing i'v found out its that theres and item called a PSI helmet. I do recall one of the guys in game talking about this a while back, i think with the last PSI mission in the science lab. (would have been useful there lol, used ALL my med packs)

Does any one know where im meant to find this? or has my game bugged out again. (think im on about bug 12 at the moment lol)

7 years ago#2
You get the PSI Helmet before entering the lab X16. Professor Sakharov at the bunker in Yantar gives it to you. Not sure if this is a requirement, but I kept Professor Kruglov alive (had to rescue him earlier from Rostok, west of the Bar). There was this little expedition with him taking PSI emission measurements to calibrate the PSI Helmet before you get it.

If you can't recall Kruglov, it's when you go to Rostok and a military helicopter get shot down by the mercs. He's the scientist that the merc leader threatened for his data and you had to save him in time before the mercs got to him. Otherwise you just loot his corpse for the memory stick to give to the bartender.
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7 years ago#3

yeh i saved that dude, hes sitting happily at the lab now, though i haven't any item.

I got a green suit, but i think thats the reward for completing the PSI mission.

Did i have to do something with him to get it? or go somewhere to pick it up? if not, how can i get another?

7 years ago#4

in case im an idiot or something, Do u need to turn the helmet on with a hotkey? is it an item in ur invo that u need to wear while in PSI effected areas? or is it all automated?

7 years ago#5

ALL SORTED, lol this game has some SERIOUS isses :P.

I completed all the missions and turned the PSI emitter off with science guys b4 i had even meet them, if that makes sence.

I then completed X18 mission with out giving in the X16 docs, so it sorta messed it up. (X16 was also bugged since i completed the mission after that one b4 being assigned to get the docs)

After handing in the docs and being told to go speak to the science guys, i was giving the quest where i must calibrate the PSI helmet. Since the emitted was already off this mission turned out to be quite comical.

7 years ago#6
Wow, how did you get into X18 without the key Barkeep gives you?

And that "Critical Psi-Emission level" indicator at the top of your screen when you get close to the Yantar lab complex? It's a sign you're supposed to TURN BACK.

Next time you play the game, make certain to talk to the Barkeep first BEFORE going inside Lab X18, then to talk to Sahkarov and do the "Adjust psi-helmet" mission BEFORE going into Lab X16.

At this rate, I suppose you were going to go run through the Red Forest and straight through Pripyat without turning off the Brain Scorcher. Why couldn't GSC make it so that "critical psi-emission levels" damage your sanity meter rapidly and thus make those areas impassible without the Psi-Helmet?!
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7 years ago#7

Yehh lol, it didn't do much damage so just though it was just to make u hurry up

Though it was HARD at the bit where u must turn off the 3 switches. I did think at this point, 'is it really meant to be like this?'

It was only when i got to the second PSI area i though 'wtf is this game' i looked for some help and found im meant to have done it with the helmet. Funny thing though, once i had the helmet and went back to the Red Forest, the machine was off lol. (no timer came up)

Also i haven't picked up a key at ANY point in the game, so maybe there unlocked if u pick up a quest after the mission where u need unlock it?

anyways, i dono how i could repeat these glitches :s. This game is pretty F***ed up, but it is fun.

7 years ago#8
For X18, you need a key from the barkeep and a second key from Borov. I have no idea how you got in.
Better to be thought of as an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
7 years ago#9
Maybe he used the "throw an item into a door's seal with the door frame so the physics engine is forced to open the door" cheat?

Technically, that's not a cheat that's easy to find or perform, so even that's somewhat unlikely.

You do not get the keys to X18 as actual items in your inventory. They're objectives instead.
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