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5 years ago#1
Strange game this and not entirely to my taste, I both love and hate it in equal measure.

The Love: technically it is excellent. I wasn't very impressed by the graphics when it started but as the game has gone on it has become better and better. It's relatively simple 'cartoony' stuff but far from crude. Although certainly not striving for realistic levels of detail it still creates a believable, interesting environments.

One place I reached last night (I think Luxor) there were some lovely lighting effects in the shadows on the walls with sunlight bouncing off water.

None of this usually matters to me but when you can get this level of visual quality and it doesn't come with an accompanying frame rate drop when things get busy that is something to praise. Many FPSs on even more modern platforms don't manage this trick. They design in too much detail, usually unnecessary, and no matter what they do later to try and resolve it the frame rate suffers. But here the screen can be filled with enemies, rocket trails and explosions but it still looks solid.

The Hate: the repetition and constant use of the same 'just one more wave of enemies' gameplay.
I always play Timesplitters 2 and FP on the hardest setting, I've done Darkwatch, Call of Duty 2 and a host of other FPS on the hardest difficulty too yet never have I died so often as in this game. I've even been forced to restart not just from checkpoints but redo entire levels just so I have enough lives left for that inevitable end of level mash-up.

I don't dread these areas but I do find them increasingly tiresome - I never thought I'd say this but I'd actually have liked some proper, well thought out, varied Boss fights instead.

I usually go for a more thoughtful kind of FPS and sometimes you do get that chance to think, use a bit of strategy without being swamped. These sections are my favourites but they're far fewer than I'd like.

I do like the hidden Secrets/Treasures idea though. I'm a big old school TR fan and really enjoy exploring for well hidden stuff but some of the Secrets in this game are REALLY well hidden. I have to admit some have defeated me.

Killing all the enemies is also a challenge, sometimes made impossible because the AI does sometimes get them stuck in out of reach places. That's the only technical failing of the game that's really obvious. The AI is certainly nothing to complain about otherwise.

But mostly the gameplay is a case of enemies spawning all around you, no real cover, keep moving, keep firing and just hope you survive. That one note pacing does become monotonous and that is my main criticism.
5 years ago#2
It's seriously long too.

I'd done no background reading on it so thought that once Egypt had concluded that would be it.
So wrong.

Guess I'm just used to rip-off short modern FPSs you can finish in under 10 hrs. It might be repetitive but you're certainly get your money's worth with this game.
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