*SPOILERS* Have I missed something?

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9 years ago#1
I've just started playing this game for the first time, have about 31 hearts so far, just completed the manor (the level inside a house, with the creature that eats you on the floor).

When I got the 26 hearts, I got the cutscene. In it, Reia (sp?) makes a comment to "he's been using you this whole time, making you think I was your enemy". I don't understand this - that guy hasn't spoken to me once since I woke up in his house, and Reia certainly hasn't been mentioned.

Is it possible that I've missed something? Or does the game just genuinely not give you any story information before this cutscene?
9 years ago#2
The story could have been interesting, but it was really poorly done.

There is an opening cutscene, this one halfway through which you have just seen, and one you get when you finish the game. That's it. The only other information (which sort of forms some back story if read in order) are the scrolls from Reia. There is one to find in each main area.
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9 years ago#3
Haha, well, okay, that solves that one then - thanks! We'll just assume we can fill the gaps - chances are you can make up your own storyline to fit!
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