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StickyUseful Keywords for Food and Element Items! KEEP BUMPED! (Sticky)
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Sun Quan5005/30/2005
Just started playing. Question about data transfer... (Archived)travadinho36/26 10:36AM
Nostalgia - playing again after nearly 10 years (Archived)Argetlam1286/3 3:12PM
New to the game (Archived)nightrisen26/3 7:25AM
Gliched after i finished Theta Quiet Eternal White Devil (Archived)Grimmist311/26 11:50AM
What to do before Mutation (Archived)theseus1948/8/2014
Myst Springs appearance? (Archived)feraldrgn46/25/2014
Never have I raged at a game so hard (Archived)Pervert_Kuhn44/8/2014
Elk won't do anything in party... (Archived)pikangie112/23/2013
What do companions do with their money? (Archived)Master_Pwner411/2/2013
Solo run? (Archived)neato_torpedo311/2/2013
.hack//Infection Disc Color - Light Blue VS Electric Blue (Archived)sailorminimoon210/20/2013
Data Draining low level monsters (Archived)ninjasatemybaby38/13/2013
Does a character's level directly affect how much s/he takes and does? (Archived)Randomness09727/20/2013
How does this game compare to the great ps1 rpgs? (Archived)dctalk20746/30/2013
This game really knows how to annoy a completionist (Archived)Chunhwa36/10/2013
Just finished the game (Archived)pure mind games35/7/2013
stupid timer (Archived)ra8206423/16/2013
thunder torque (Archived)BloodRose0413/8/2013
Am I all ready for Mutation? : )(spoilers?) (Archived)
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Dead board or no (Archived)Alastreon91/27/2013
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