Hyper Wrist vs. Atlas Armlet

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9 years ago#1
which is better
9 years ago#2
Atlas Armlet.

Hyper Wrist only raises the value of Vigor which is just a single value in the equation of fight damage. Atlas Armlet raises damage as a whole.

IIRC they do stack. Though why you'd want to waste both slots is beyond me.
9 years ago#3
But the hyper wrist enhances damage for blitz, tools, and swordtechs, no? So it's actually more useful than the Atlas, unless we're talking about some loser like Locke.
9 years ago#4
IIRC Hyper Wrist raises Vigor by 50%. Atlas Armlet raises overall physical damage by 25%. The same SwdTchs (Dispatch, Quadra-Slice, etc...) and the two Blitzes (Pummel and Suplex) that do physical damage are enhanced by either Relic.
9 years ago#5
What about Tools?

Speaking of Tools, where is ebmid2?
9 years ago#6
The same goes with Tools. I should have better clarified my first post.

Hyper Wrist raises your Vigor by 50%. Vigor is only part of the factor in the physical damage equation. Atlas Armlet raises over-all physical damage by 25%. Any damage done that would be increased by raising you Vigor would also be increased by equipping the Atlas Armlet.

Physical damage includes but is not limited to:
Battle Specials
Most Swordtechs
Pummel and Suplex Blitzes
Tools such as Autocrossbow and Drill.
9 years ago#7
Atlas Armlet > Hyper Wrist.

For example,

(We'll be calculating the result with a Locke @ level 40, with non-esper boosted stats, naked with a Dirk)

Locke's Level = 40

Battle Power With Weapon = 14(Base) + 76 (dirk) = 90.

Locke's base vigor = 37

The physical formula is this:

Damage = Battle Power + ((Level * Level * Attack) / 256) * 3 / 2


Damage = 90 + (40 x 40 x 164) /256 x3 /2

His regular base damage would be : 1,628

With a Hyper Wrist on: 1,965

With an Atlas Armlet on: 2,035

So Atlas Armlet> Hyper Wrist

>.> <.<

This holds true for ANY character.

Autolocus (70, Human Warlock, Korialstrasz)
Kel'Tharion (18, Blood Elf Hunter, Korialstrasz)
9 years ago#8
What you can gather from all this is that the first step in comparing any attacks is figuring out whether they are physical or magical. As people have mentioned, some blitzes and SwdTechs are physical and others are magical, so you have to look at the specific abilities, not the skillset as a whole.

Note also: only compare physicals to physicals and magicals to magicals, as cross comparisons are heavily skewed.

Example: the chain saw is a 252 battle power physical attack that ignores enemy defense. It is powerful in the beginning of the game and weak at the end of the game.

Bum Rush is a 128 battle power magic attack that ignores enemy defense. It is among the most powerful attacks at the end of the game and is not available earlier because it would be too strong.

Of the 2 attacks, the atlas armlet and hyper wrist would only boost the chain saw, while earrings would only boost Bum Rush.
9 years ago#9
Oh yeah, and just to clarify what you were asking earlier, both the hyper wrist and atlas armlet raise the damage on all physicals, not just the fight command.
9 years ago#10
Wow. I feel so foolish for equipping a hyper wrist in lieu of an offering....
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