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What is the relevance of vigor and stamina?

#1Old_Schooler_DanPosted 9/26/2009 7:52:48 AM

"Vigor" and "Stamina" have always confused me. I would like to understand what the worth of expanding those stats are. Battle power seems to result from the strength of your weapon, so what is "Vigor" used for? "Staminia?" That seems the same as "Vigor." If there's so much armor that can be equipped to increase defense, what does your base stamina supposed to be for?

#2MeepleLardiclePosted 9/26/2009 8:12:25 AM
In short...

Vigor: Battle Power
Magic Power: Spell Power

ONe is determined by the character, the other is determined by the thing they're using. Its a 2 prong approach.

Stamina is just a crap stat that they probably weren't thinking straight with when it came to actually applying it, so...<_<
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#3Metal Gear RaxisPosted 9/26/2009 8:13:32 AM
Vigor has a somewhat minor effect on the damage you do with physical attacks, but battle power and level have a much greater effect.

Stamina, IIRC, causes you to take more damage from poison/sap (Not a typo. It does actually do that. Makes no sense, I know.) and heal more from Regen, and increase your defense to Instant Death, but it's widely considered a useless stat to raise.

Both are bottom-end stats, really.
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#4SuperSaiyanTienPosted 9/26/2009 10:16:27 AM
I know it's not viable to raise your stamina, but does anyone know the number that one would need to get to have natural immunity to most common Instant Death attacks?

I know 128 is probably the answer, but I meant something more reasonable... like 2/3 of the time it would miss, or even 1/3.
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#5MeepleLardiclePosted 9/26/2009 10:34:04 AM
Stamina is pretty much a straight up x/128 guard. So if Death has 90% hit rate naturally, 64 Stamina would lower it to 45%.

This is before M. Block factoring in of course.
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#6Old_Schooler_Dan(Topic Creator)Posted 9/27/2009 6:26:04 AM

Meeple Lard?

Aren't you the same guy I just recently e-mailed regarding Cyan in your character FAQ?

#7Old_Schooler_Dan(Topic Creator)Posted 9/28/2009 1:05:52 AM

So, what determines the amount of damage that Sabin's Blitz's and Cyan's Swordtechs will do? Vigor, or level?

#8TinyosiPosted 9/28/2009 1:36:35 AM

From: Old_Schooler_Dan | #007
So, what determines the amount of damage that Sabin's Blitz's and Cyan's Swordtechs will do? Vigor, or level?

It depends which you use. Blitz's like Pummel and Suplex are determined by Vigor while stuff such as Aura Bolt and Fire Dance are determined by Magic power. Its the same with Cyan's SwordTechs, ones such as Quadra Slam are determined by Vigor and stuff like Stunner are determined by magic.
#9MajinKain0Posted 9/28/2009 10:02:46 AM
They're all affected by level to an extent. Physicals rely more heavily on level for damage than magical attacks. Level is also a lot more important than vigor when it comes to physical damage.
#10MeepleLardiclePosted 9/28/2009 7:25:01 PM
NOTE: For the below, replace the character with Gogo if you like, should Gogo be the character in question. Also not putting up attacks that deal no direct damage/healing

Pummel/Suplex: Vigor
Mantra: Sabin's Current HP and # of targets
The rest: Magic Power

Dispatch, Quadra Slam, Quadra Slice: Vigor
Slash: Gravity Based
Stunner, Empowerer, Retort: Magic Power; note Empowerer is also depending on Cyan's Max HP/MP and enemy's current HP/MP for how much damage it can do at maximum, like Drain/Osmose

Just to complete this list...

Flash, Bioblaster: Magic Power
The Rest: Vigor

All are Magic Power Based (if they do damage/healing)
GP Rain: Setzer's Level and # of targets (how GP he throws is based directly off Setzer's level)

All run off Magic Power, if they do damage/healing, except the following:
Revenge: Strago's HP Loss
Exploder: Strago's Current HP
Blow Fish: Straight up 1000 damage

...probably forgetting a few, but there's a lot of lores, and bah <_<

All are Magic Power Based, with the exception of a few Gravity Moves like Cave In

All are Magic Power based, period <_<

I'd deal with Rages, but I don't feel like looking up ALL the attacks he can do, so uh yeah <_<
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