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Recommended magics for MagiTek Factory in a Perfect Stats game? (Archived)Peter_19103/3/2009
Where do I find the formations Commando and Pipsqueak x 4? (Archived)
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Differences between this and the GBA port? (Archived)metalsluggz23/2/2009
Cyan is a whiney quitter, and Umaro isn't (500 post debate topic) (Archived)
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This video of solo Cyan vs Kefka gave me a newfound appreciation for SwdTech (Archived)
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need some explanation (Archived)bvanbove43/2/2009
Suplex vs. Spiraler (Archived)
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Lores (Archived)Kaelys993/1/2009
font used in the game (Archived)brinelol23/1/2009
FF5 skills and how they converted them directly to FF6 (Archived)WhPlague103/1/2009
No Equip, No Magic game (Archived)zolbeg102/28/2009
All the places where we can use 'Runic' (Archived)
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odin or raiden? (Archived)Kaelys992/28/2009
Pummel vs Aura Bolt (Archived)
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Are lores useless? (Archived)
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how do i change party members (Archived)Kellysaretzky32/27/2009
Do I keep a new monster formation if it kills me? (Archived)Peter_1922/27/2009
How do I get more advance techniques? (Archived)LIsJustice92/27/2009
Who else does this? (Archived)bogalx52/27/2009
The characters in this game are a bit cold sometimes... *T3H SPOILERS* (Archived)Peter_1952/26/2009