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What is going to happen to ff11 when it is finally over?Tyannic710/4 8:45PM
Solo Abyssea?Slizzard9539/15 11:57AM
Thinking about returning to the game, would like some advice (Archived)Lirishae78/28 6:21PM
Looking for Players (Archived)IssacFrost28/28 2:54PM
What's the most active fan community today? (Archived)Zenoxio28/27 1:15AM
Recruiting New Players Server Asura 2015 (Archived)-Masterdarkjedi18/25 7:41AM
Crafting related question (Archived)Mileki38/24 4:58AM
What are currently the best weapons for WAR right now? (Archived)anon_fire28/23 8:55AM
In Asura, can anyone help me get a Heavy Crossbow and rosewood lumber? (Archived)Oda-sama58/21 3:48PM
have they made any changes to maat? can you use trusts on him now? (Archived)RoughNTumble38/21 3:44PM
The peak of this game was during 2009. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]
Apocalypse612688/20 11:28PM
How FFXI can put 500k Subs again? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ZoeyValentine188/20 11:27PM
Any Bahamut players around? (Archived)_Daydream18/19 2:02PM
i got the cipher for lion II--what the heck do I do with it? (Archived)RoughNTumble48/19 1:02PM
How does the August 2015 "Return to Vanadiel" campaign work? (Archived)kencaesi108/16 6:01AM
Remember when ircgeek thought that Chocobo Knight was seriously coming w/ WotG? (Archived)Mexoga68/15 12:51PM
Would I be able to come back if I owe them money? (Archived)Fujean48/14 8:53AM
Thinking about coming back, just a few questions... (Archived)grentory28/12 9:59PM
Did they change some of the quests where you had to wait 1+ days to complete? (Archived)Siblingz28/11 9:37AM
So I started playong this again. (Archived)IssacFrost28/8 2:38AM
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