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5 years ago#1
What mobs can i farm for good gil? As I've heard that when you reach above Lvl75 you can farm some items at the AH as a good source of income. I've had an account for 2 months and just reached 80, to get by I have been buying gil in 500k a couple of times, obviously I want to be a little more legit now as I've reached level etc. I tried all the things when I first started; crafting: no money, farming: little money, hours of work, linkshell: doesnt want anyone but themselves, etc etc. I'm a lot more experienced now but aside from reselling gear at the ah from npc and abit of mid level farming, i'm not sure how to reel the big dosh in. I know some people don't want to disclose their secrets and whatever, but a bit of direction would be nice, as buying gil is easy, im just scared about getting banned. Thanks in advance.
5 years ago#2
Step 1: Learn all about Abyssea

Step 2: Only go for new equipment dropped by NMs or made from Magian trials or augmentation (Dominion).
Definetly go for AF3+1 sets, it's not that hard.

Step 2.5: Make your only outcome be Food, RR items and Ninja tools.

Step 3: Farm Abyssea pop items with friends, sell pop items on AH.

Step 4: Build up gil while keeping Step 2.5 active.

Step 5: Have alot of gil, buy stuff that you want if you cannot get it in a cheaper way, such as killing NMs. Steps 2 & 2.5 does not apply here.
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Lindblum - Korake Gorgon
5 years ago#3
Once you have a surplus of Abyssea Curor, which comes quickly BTW, spend it on gear. NPC sell the gear. Hands and feet give the best return of curor for Gil.
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5 years ago#4
I should try this new fangled Abyssea some day. It sounds like it's the bollocks ^^

Just contented at the minute from having gone from getting 1 level every few days before that last mini update. To cracking 5 levels a day after..

Oh gil you say?
Having cooking at almost 100, but being far too idle to actually cook myself anything. I'm going to tell you to level cooking and make Tavnazian Tacos.
50k for a stack it cost me last night. Just for a couple of runs at the Sandy final mission with 2 of my alts for the gil. (ironically yeah)

I remember my PLD mate in the linkshell I was in nearly having a coronary when those went from 8k - 18k in the space of a couple of days after that mega exploit banning of last year.
Good times.. good times..

Oh yeah.. and learn to fish..
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5 years ago#5
Don't waste your cruor on gear to sell. You can make a ton of money by farming pop items in abyssea assuming that you have the right atma and have a decent soloing job. You can also sell augmented items from dominion ops points because after you buy bodies it is basically useless. If you get some amber abysssites you can get some nice gil from selling stuff out of gold chests. Eventually you get to the point where ninja tools and food are the only expenses you have.
Oh Noes!
5 years ago#6
find people willing to pay for rare/ex gear. use your cruor on brews. profit. my group is lucky. we found a jp willing to pay 1.1 mill for orthus claws. i've been sitting on 15mill + since then. some people will pay tons of gil for twilight gear or even shinryu access. you have to advertise though.
Hevans, Odin
5 years ago#7
Thanks for the tips guys. I wouldn't mind getting into cooking, tried fishing but is too slow for me really.. Problem is with building skill is that it takes ages apparantly to raise skill to 100 and also losing loads of money in the process. I guess farming in Abyssea is the only way then, I mean are there still places outside of abyssea that I can farm for like, materials, nm items etc?

I guess I should study the wikia for stuff, but I just wondered apart from aby if there were materials that stood out that were realitvily easy to farm and then sell. I was doing black tiger fangs for abit when I was lower level, but the gil is not great now that i'm higher level.

Expenses for me getting things like scrolls, decent armor etc, I havant got much aside from my af gear on my cor and loads of scrolls for whm. So Idk, getting gil in this game is a pain in the ass. So many people in my Ls, asking for gil, and apart from either playing this game for years or buying gil off the internet, I'm not sure what newer players are supposed to do really.
5 years ago#8
Back when I started playing, advancement in the game was a slow process. I'm not talking just leveling up, but also missions, quests, exploration. It actually took me a few years to get Black Mage to level 75, but that doesn't mean it was tedious.
I had great fun taking in the whole world of Vana'diel, learning about the nations and their individuals. Most of all I enjoyed the various linkshells I was a part of, such a friendly community.

There was one person in particular, who helped me alot through the early stages of the game. With his help, I came to understand the game mechanics way better, learning what subjobs work well for BLM, what type of equipment to focus on. (This was before any FFXIclopedia)

That was all I needed, to begin to really help myself through the game. Of course, spell scrolls were expensive, but I wanted to have them to become a better player. I was never much for farming, but there was this magical money maker that fit me just right, they were BCNM 40s. With my many gathered beastman seals, I repeated these burning circle fights, to get expensive scrolls I didn't need, that I could sell on the AH. Mainly Erase, Dispel and Utsusemi: Ni.

After getting gil out of it, I could buy new spells and equipment for myself. It was a slow process, but I had such a great feeling of accomplishment.

Now you kids today just hop on the first best Level sync party or Abyssea party and skyrocket through your levels, then wonder why the gear and spells you need are so hard to get all at once.

Trust me, after you establish a good position in Vana'diel as a veteran adventurer, you will have a much easier time leveling new jobs up to max. The path to get to that point though, is.. or should I say was, a long one.

The new wave of adventurers certainly don't seem to share the same enjoyment of the game, because they just rush past it all.
Bismarck - Korake BLM, DRK, PUP, DRG, MNK 90
Lindblum - Korake Gorgon
5 years ago#9
the good thing about the old system was that it made it worthwhile to go after the random nm's in the game. you could camp panzer percival for the neckchopper just to sell. there was incentive to craft. now you hit 30 and key leech in an abyssea pt. all the mid level gear is useless so unless you save up cruor and npc the equipment you can buy with it, you have no source of income.
Hevans, Odin
5 years ago#10
I enjoy this game plenty.. It is just a bit frustrating that me and plenty of other people have to resort to buying gil off the internet to buy things like expensive scrolls and/or armor. There is no way in hell any starting new player wanting to be WHM or BLM can have much enjoyment out of this game, first starting off in this job. The scroll prices are ridiculous, sure you can quest them, but most of the time you require assistance from level 75+ and I was fortunate enough to have a couple of lvl90's in my LS who were willing to help me out. But for some they don't have access to. I had 2 friends start just before I did, they both quit after 2 months. They were on a different server, so I couldn't help them with PT or questing, they used the wikia too though funnily enough.

I'm not saying making gil in this game is impossible, it's just really hard for newer players. Yeah, people tend to keywhore in abyssea, it's no big deal. SE put it in their for a reason, and if I'm honest it only has caused bigger problems for newer players, as no one really mid levels anymore and get the items you could sell at the AH. I hit 50 with WHM and there were no armor sets from 35-70 levels, nothing.

Anyway, I like this game alot, I play all the time, just wanted a few tips and abyssea I guess the best way for this. But meh, the wikia IS there, but without doing levelling beyond 30 levels, how the hell is anybody supposed to know anything about mobs, drops, nms etc? The whole thing sucks, but then again like Cork said, its a long process, so maybe I should stick with the farming I know and go from there, at least to make up for some the time spent skyrocketing in abyssea.
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