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whats the best class combo?

#1lilrivercheeksPosted 1/28/2008 2:02:33 PM
#2MiserumFataePosted 1/28/2008 2:16:42 PM
That depends on what exactly you want. If you're going for pure melee, Soldier-Guardian is hard to beat. If you want massive Force Powers and good saves, Scout-Consular is a nice choice. A balanced and versatile build would be Scout-Sentinel. Want to solo through the game? Go Scoundrel-Consular. For a "Magic Swordsman" type character, Soldier-Consular is good.

So it depends upon what exactly you want to do.

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#3RiKuToTheMiGhtYPosted 1/28/2008 2:59:24 PM
Soldier-Guardian is a good starter, or if you want to focus on melee, and weapons more then the force powers, do know any can be great persuasive talkers though.
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#4Matt_E_PhillipsPosted 1/28/2008 3:28:40 PM
Scout - Sentinel is how I play.

I don't give a rats ass what you all think, though. S-S can be anything, and everything.
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#5wackyteenPosted 1/28/2008 4:07:14 PM
odd. i have beaten this game like 15 times, yet I have never been a sentinel or a scoundrel. On KOTOR2, however, the only thing I ever play as anymore is a sentinel.

the best class combo would depend on wether you want feats or skills. For feats go soldier-guardian. for skills go scout-consular or scout-sentinal. for all skills and little feats go scoundrel-sentinel. My personal favorite is: Scout-consular. S/C can have high repair, Comp. use, persuade,and treat injury.
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#6RabidMidget00Posted 1/29/2008 2:01:50 AM
I love the scoundrel/consular. Stun every enemy with the consular then sneak attack the crap out of them with the scoundrel. This class combo is almost overpowered.