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#1glass3DPosted 2/29/2012 10:23:49 AM
Just started replaying this game yesterday and noticed how certain aspects are strikingly similar to Planescape: Torment. Still running through Taris but here is a list of things I can think of so far:

PS:T: You wake up in a morgue with Morte floating over you.
KOTOR: You wake up in an apartment with Carth watching you sleep.

PS:T: Sigil is split into slums and upper class areas. The first quarter of the game sends you on a mad goose chase through the sewers and you get caught up in gang wars.
KOTOR: Ditto.

PS:T: You've been reincarnated through countless lifetimes but you don't remember.
KOTOR: You're a reincarnate of Revan but you don't know that.

PS:T: You get to choose from Warrior/Thief/Mage with the option to mix and match.
KOTOR: Soldier/Scout/Scoundrel -> Guardian/Sentinel/Consular

PS:T: Your actions pan you towards good or evil, which slightly affects the plot later in the game and also determines your equipment and stuff.
KOTOR: Light side/dark side

PS:T: You fight with no armor. Tattoos.
KOTOR: Jedi's don't use real armor either. Implants.

PS:T: Eye of Vecna!
KOTOR: Retinal Combat Implant!

Annah -> Mission (both female, non-human thieves running through the ghetto)
Dak'kon -> Zaalbar (both swear allegiance to you and both can dual wield katanas)
Grace -> Bastilla (kinda sorta)
Nordom -> HK-47 (both walking turrets with funny dialogues)
Ignus -> Canderous (Look at those flames behind Candi's avatar. Their names even rhyme!)
Vhailor -> Juhani (they kinda look similar...)

Dunno if anyone's pointed these out before but I found it to be really interesting, like running through two games at once (assuming you've played both already). Feel free to add anything to the list if you feel so inclined :)
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