I need a product code to install my game

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  3. I need a product code to install my game
7 years ago#1
I am having problems networking and i think that if i use a different key code when i install the game on my computer then it might work.....SO IF SOMEONE WILL HOOK ME UP WITH A KEY CODE FOR COMMAND AND CONQUER GENERALS THEN I WOULD BE IN THEIR DEBT

7 years ago#2
only one problem with that tho-
Two games can't play online using the same CD Key. If you play online with it, then the person that gave it to you couldn't play online.
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7 years ago#3
Dont have to worrie about that though when i want to play i will use my orignal code from my game so that it never becomes a problem..... Can you hook it up...
7 years ago#4
I think that because i installed the same code on both computers that i have networked that is the reason when i go to muti-player it is telling me that my serial is already in use so when i play online i can and will use my code not the one someone provides for me, this would be only for the purpose of IP game play only
7 years ago#5
Nah, I think that if you are having that problem with a legitmate, legally purchased copy, than you should contact EA and let them know you are having a problem. If not, you can probably get this game for about 10 bucks, so if you must play this game that bad, then you should go buy another copy.
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  3. I need a product code to install my game

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