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4 years ago#85
I cast Brand.
Terrible weather at 12am.
4 years ago#86
AKFrost gets Death Anchor for LHP and Little Wyvern for ADS,
in return that I get Hyper Speeder for LHP.
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4 years ago#87
EDIT: AKFrost gets Death Anchor AND Queen Meteor (as well) on LHP.
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4 years ago#88
Samp: This is a weird trade, but hear me out.
MCSG only

You get:
Death Anchor, Little Wyvern, and Mad Wolf

Yes, I said Mad Wolf, despite him getting 0 last season that was a pretty big fluke as his DQ rate isn't nearly that high (look at Bear on CPDB).

If you check out my old videos, you'll see that he always gets top 10 when he does survive (~50%) and he gets 3rd in one of them.

As for Little Wyvern, he got 6th in one of the videos, 47 points last season, something that Fang or Phantom definitely can't do.

Death Anchor's naturally above average, if you get lucky he might even break 80.

What I want for that is Red Gazelle, who's definitely good but has a questionable survival rate himself (see last season). If you take it though, you'll have a whole team for that map instead of just one good machine. I'm pretty sure you should see a point gain if you improve all 3 machines for 1 in return.

What do you think?
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4 years ago#89
Overall, I think that I will have to decline that trade. If Red Gazelle, manages to survive enough, he will do great this map. Wonder Wasp was very sporadic with either getting top 10 or bottom 20. Sonic Phantom is average, but still isn't too bad. Death Anchor is average, Little Wyvern is good, and Mad Wolf I have to take your word on.

TLDR: I say no to your trade.
I'm a Frost Piranha Plant, an elite wizzerd, a dinosaur that can drive a car, a robot, a skeleton, a scientist, and Batman.
I'm also still in school.
4 years ago#90
Okay, let me add 4 more machines to the previous trade offer:
on BBO (where you only have Red Gazelle on), I'll throw in Little Wyvern, Queen Meteor, and Great Star (all near 50 last season).
on AM (where you only have Sonic Phantom on), I'll throw in Golden Fox.

EDIT ...then again I might be trying too hard at this. If RG gets less than 6-7 heats he might repeat what he did last season, and this could be a horrible trade for me since I could have went for another machine. But I guess I want my A-team back, even if it's for one map.
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