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4 years ago#1
Well I don't consider beating a game on easy mode as legitimately beating them and it was a couple of years ago. I was in a rush to play MGS4 that time so I played and beat this game on easy mode mainly because I've heard normal is actually quite difficult.

And what do you know. I already got my ass handed to me like 5 times in the first mission before clearing it. - The first three deaths were when I was escaping the underground room and the last two at the hands of the gunship (I had little health left)
I don't remember dying much if at all in easy mode.
And then I got to Chicago. Well, I didn't think it was too bad until I repeatedly got killed by the 4 snipers just before the boss fight. I think I died maybe 5 times there as well before I called it quits and went to bed. I'm gonna have a go at Chicago again.

I'm sure I can clear it this time but what I wanna ask TS2 vets is: Does this game get much harder from here on out? I mean I can handle missions a little harder than the first two but does it get beyond ridiculous or anything of that sort? One of my friend says he's never cleared the Robot Factory on Normal. I'm getting kinda intimidated here.

Apart from the challenge I think this is THE FPS game on the PS2. It brings me so much memories of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. I just hope there isn't a bonus final level like Goldeneye where you have to beat everything on Hard mode cuz I don't plan on playing this on Hard mode. I have many other games waiting to be played.

Apologies for the wall o' text. Any advice will be appreciated. Cheers! ^_^
Rock n' Roll and Glam Metal... It never died
4 years ago#2
Wow. Dead board?

Anyways I played for a few hours yesterday and I've reached Neo Tokyo without much trouble. I didn't die at all in Notre Dame and I died twice in Planet X. One of death was when I was heading towards the time portal and one of the reapers pwned me from outta nowhere.. ugh.
Rock n' Roll and Glam Metal... It never died
4 years ago#3
So I'm at Robot Factory and I died when running towards the time portal AGAIN.. man :( I think I'll try again tomorrow. I've already clocked over 2 hours on Robot Factory

Death Count
1. Siberia: 5
2. Chicago: 5
3. Notre Dame: 0
4. Planet X: 2
5. NeoTokyo: 2 (Not counting restarts)
6. Wild West: 1 (My favorite level so far)
7. Atom Smasher: 13 (Seriously the checkpoint was way too early and the timer made you seriously rush through the level. Not to mention I died a couple of times with the whole magnet and dropping bomb thing. I got lucky at the boss fight otherwise I might still have been stuck on this level. Thank god!)
8. Aztec Ruins: 5 (****ing Monkeys)
9. Robot Factory: 8 and counting (I restarted a lot because I usually reach the checkpoint with very little health). I'm starting to hate the Sentry Bots. The ones with the laser specially. One time I was at full health and nearing the checkpoint when one of them got very lucky with a couple of shots downing my health to below half... arghh.

Considering how I got better as the game progressed on. I'd rank the difficulty of the level in this way.

Robot Factory >= Atom Smasher >>>>> Siberia > Chicago > Planet X > Neo Tokyo > Aztec Ruins (5 deaths mainly due to me relaxing too much after the insanity that was Atom Smasher) > Wild West > Notre Dame
Rock n' Roll and Glam Metal... It never died
4 years ago#4
On normal difficulty, robot factory is probably the hardest level. On hard, atom smasher is, without a doubt, the most difficult level in the entire game.
It's time to split- Sgt.Cortez
4 years ago#5

I beat the game on Normal.

I beat Robot Factory on my very next try. At first I took a hit from the very first bot at the beginning of the level. I was about to restart but then I decided to just see how far I can go without getting hit until the checkpoint. And I didn't get a single hit until the checkpoint this time. I had lets say 90% health by the time I reached the checkpoint. After that everything else was cake. I did die once though because I underestimated the post-deactivating node sentry bots. I swear they just spawn like crazy.
The Machinist fight however was super easy this time because I figured out a really nice strategy against him. I went to the left most corner and just gunned him down with Homing Missiles, Grenades and the Pistol. The spawning chasis bots were also very easy to put away from this location. With around 50% health left, I wasn't feeling tense at all marching my way towards the Time Portal this time. Awesome feeling man awesome feeling.

The final level was like a 100 times easier than Robot Factory although I did get killed 3 times (1st time the timer ran out) more out of carelessness than anything.

All in all I'm glad I decided to finish this on Normal because now I'm gonna remember this game for the ages. I didn't realize how different the game was on Normal compared to Easy. I don't think I can invest enough time to beat Hard Mode though. So farewell TimeSplitters 2. Had a Blast!
Rock n' Roll and Glam Metal... It never died
4 years ago#6
Congrats, beating Robot Factory on normal was really hard, its as far as I made it on hard... Maybe I'll be it one day on hard if I ever put enough time into it but I think I gave up becasue I thought it would be to difficult. I think school got in the way as well or something :P
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4 years ago#7
^ Thanks man.

So I tried Hard Mode just for fun and even got quite far. Died like over 10 times in Siberia. Around 15 times in Chicago. The rest of the levels were a little easier but man is Atom Smasher a brickwall or what?

I know I could probably beat the level if I invested more time but I don't think I will. Beating Normal was satisfying enough. I heard from some people that Atom Smasher is the hardest level on Hard mode. They may not be kidding. The segment after the checkpoint is just insane and I don't think I can muster enough patience for that and Robot Factory shortly following it. The fact that Atom Smasher forces you to rush through the level because of the timer makes this level near impossible to beat. I also got killed at the Khallos fight quite a number of times. Restarting all the way from that checkpoint with no guarantee to even reach Khallos in the next turn just isn't fun.

Now Hard Mode in TS2 is kinda cheap from my perspective. You can die like virtually anytime even with full health. Times when you think you're doing well. You get hit with a simple gun from a normal enemy and your health's like down to half. I don't think Goldeneye Hard even compares to this. I don't remember having this much trouble beating Goldeneye on Hard mode. It may also have something to do with motivation. I was motivated to beat Goldeneye on hard to unlock the true final level.
Rock n' Roll and Glam Metal... It never died
4 years ago#8
I'd say that TS2 is more difficult than Goldeneye, tho I thought Perfect Dark was much harder than Goldeneye back in the day as I only beat the first couple levels on Perfect Agent, before PDXBLA came out I think I beat the game on Perfect Agent. I pretty much blew through PD XBLA one PA.

Atom Smasher was really hard I think I barely beat it, it took some good strategey as I recall, I think I put mines around where the time crystals are or just grenaded the hell out of Khallos where he comes. The splitters probably nearly got me haha :)
GT:Perfect RJ Goldeneye Wii FC:3344-6723-7937
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