Wow, this is luck

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User Info: sebastianoxxx

7 years ago#1
I was playing in campaign against Jono2nd and i got this on A-pow:

I remember that somebody said a theory about the rare cards are mostly given in campaing, is that true?
I am lucky?

User Info: AresWarrior

7 years ago#2
wow lucky lol. if only i had the stamina to keep dueling. i won like 20 times and already got tired of dueling for a rare card.

and i dont think that dueling in campaign getting rare cards is true. its probably just luck. although i did see a video of a guy who s-powed nitemare or darknite in campaign and got a blue eyes white dragon.
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User Info: sebastianoxxx

7 years ago#3
Well, i got 2 zoas in a row from neku and Heishin2nd

User Info: DX123456

7 years ago#4
I got a Zoa after only 1 duel in free duel with Sebek it was the luckiest thing ever, but i didnt even need it since i hacked my game anyway lol
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