B.Skull Dragon, Red Eyes and Summoned Skull

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5 years ago#1
Just wondering who I should face to get these cards.
I know for Red Eyes you can fight Jono 2, and I don't know about B.Skull Dragon. Also, Summoned Skull, I don't know where to get him, but if anyone can tell me where to get Job Change Mirror, I can fuse Summoned Skull instead!
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5 years ago#2
(You can also fuse for Summoned Skull with Time Wizard+Embryonic Beast.)

B. Skull Dragon and Summoned Skull are not cards that are dropped by any duelist, so you must get them by fusing.

B.Skull Dragon can be made by fusing Red Eyes Black Dragon with Summoned Skull.
5 years ago#3
You're wrong, Xavier. I recently started playing this game again and I have three Black Skull Dragons in my deck. Honestly, I don't remember where they came from and how I got them but SOMEBODY must have dropped them.
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5 years ago#4
Really? Interesting. Last time I checked BSD was an unconfirmed card.

Thanks for the info.
5 years ago#5
It is unconfirmed, but there are several people that are rumored to drop that card. If you are interesting in trying to find out, try dueling them. I think they are High Mountain Mage, Isis, Heishin 1, Darknite, and Nitemare. Seeing as people have tried countless times to get this card (And certain others), the chances are slim that you would get this card.

So far the only way to obtain it is by fusing the required monsters. That might be part of the reason why it is not obtainable just like with Gate Guardian and Ultimate Dragon. Not sure about why PUMG is not obtainable though. From what I understand, the game was never truly complete for the US version?
5 years ago#6
Well, this game is pretty old. Honestly, I stopped playing it as soon as I got Duelist of the Roses. So, there's every chance that there's little or no new updated info. If I'd known it would be an issue I would have documented where i got BSD from.
My strongest monsters so far are Ultimate Great Moth (x3), BSD (x3), three Blue Eyes and two Metalzoa (used a password to get one). I probably got BSD from first heishin.but it was so long ago I really can't be sure.
Born in darkness, living in darkness, knowing only darkness, the shadows are my only allies.
5 years ago#7
If you used a password to get Metalzoa that means either you somehow amassed 999999 starchips (which would take years, even if you played 10 hours a day), or you used a gameshark, and if you used a gameshark to get one card, is it possible you used it to get others and just don't remember?

I ask not because I'm particularly interested in proving you wrong, it's just that Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth is also a card that is not dropped, so now I'm suspicious.
5 years ago#8
No, I'm confused. I TRIED to get another Metalzoa. I got the passwords for Great Moth, Jurai Gumo, Metalzoa, SORL, Forest and megamorph but I found I already used the pass for Jurai Gumo and only had enough for Megamorph and another Forest.

When I first got the game I had a PS1 (still have it). I never had a gameshark for it.

As for not remembering, well this game is- what? Nine years old? So, yeah I don't really remember how I got Moth or BSD either way, but I didn't use a code breaker I know that much.

And playing 10 hours a day? Lol You didn't know me back then, at the very PEAK of my fanboy-dom. It's entirely possible that I did play that much. I'm sick in the head like that. But I really don't remember ever having 999999 starchips either. If I had a code breaker I would have just got Blue Eyes Ultimate and Gate guardian.

See, I'm looking at the FAQ with the starchip costs right now. I'm thinking that the ones with a cost of 999999 aren't unobtainable. I just recently won a Machine Conversion Factory, Dark Piercing Light, House of Adhesive Tape, Goblin Fan and Gokibore- all of which are 999999.. I don't think it's out of the question that the rest of the 999999's get dropped by someone.
Born in darkness, living in darkness, knowing only darkness, the shadows are my only allies.
5 years ago#9
I agree that it seems reasonable to expect that because some 999999 cards are dropped other 999999 cards should be dropped, however the collective experience of Forbidden Memories duelists proves this to be ill-informed. At best, there are very rare cards which remain unconfirmed, while some others are notably obtainable (BEWD, MBD, etc.).

It's not that I don't necessarily believe that you legitimately won the cards you did, I'm just wondering, if so, then from who and if there are any other people who have won these cards.

Not that these are questions which I feel you are obligated to answer. If anything, since the game is so old and your file also seems dated, the answers to those questions remain as mysterious as they ever were.

Still, I must say i am inspired to take on some more dueling to see what comes up :)
5 years ago#10
There is no way you could have used the password to obtain those cards (Jurai Gumo excepted of course) without having over 999999 chips. Megamorph alone costs 50000 I believe and some of the others you mentioned are 999999. As old as this game is, I am sure that someone somewhere would have truly figured out if these unobtainable cards are indeed obtainable by now. Seeing that nobody has, I can only assume that they are definitely not obtainable without a gameshark or something.

I have 3 or pretty much every card in the game, but I got most of the cards from an old friend that used a gameshark to obtain every card. As many times as I have dueled everyone in the game, I have never come across BSD, PUMG, GM, BLUD, Summoned Skull, or GG. (Those are the only major unconfirmed cards I can think of at the moment)

When it comes to the whole 999999 chips means they can be obtained, it would make sense, but again, nobody has confirmed any of these cards to this day. I don't understand why we can't win all of the cards, but it is what it is.
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