For those who have played Shadow Chaser in Renewal...Questions!

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7 years ago#1, my mind has been bugging me with all these questions...thinking of new ways to kill people in PVP. So, here we go.

1. Reproduce. Description:Allows you to learn a skill that's targeting you while this buff is applied. Use the skill again to preserve it. To learn another skill, use Reproduce again to erase the skill you already learned. You can learn 1 skill at a time. The level of the skill you can learn depends on your level of Reproduce.

Question for that, I THINK that this skill can only be used with skills that are targeting you for the duration. In other words, Reproduce can only copy skills that are targeted at you which have a casting time? Am I getting this correctly?

A follow up question for number 1 would be, are there any restrictions to the skills that can be copied for Reproduce? Can I copy support skills that are targeted at me? Assumptio? Etc?

2. Shadow Form. Description: Hide in someone's shadow, and have them receive the damage you receive. Shadow form ends when you take a certain amount of hits, or when your target moves out of range. Cannot attack, use skills or items in shadow form.

A lot of questions for this one actually, since it is actually the exact opposite of Devotion. So, my questions for this one are...

Can I mix Close Confine with Shadow Form? Cast CC first on the target, immobilizing it and then casting Shadow Form? Will I retain the Close Confine status on me and my target?

Are there any restrictions to this skill? If I get hit with an AoE, who will receive the damage?

How many cells is the range of Shadow Form? Can anyone give me an exact number of cells?

3. Triangle Shot. Description: Send 3 arrows flying towards your target. Consumes 3 arrows per use. There is a low chance to knock back the enemy.

So, it says here that at Lvl 10, the damage output of Triangle Shot is 570%. The question is, will the 570% be the total damage or will it be 570% PER arrow. See the difference? Is it 570% or will it be 570%x3? Though, it'd be pretty imbalanced if it was 570%x3, so I GUESS it's only 570% damage in TOTAL.

4. Invisibility. Description: Completely conceal yourself. In this status, all your attacks become Ghost property Level 1. Cannot use skills or items for the duration, and ASPD is reduced. Will continually drain SP, and cancel if SP reaches 0.

Pretty...useless. For me. Not a WOE fanatic here. Still, now is a good opportunity to ask questions.

Question for this skill is...

Completely conceal...? Is this like GM hide or something? To really be undetected by the enemy, unless the player runs out of SP? (5%SP drain per second, hell, it SHOULD be!) Might be the safest way to get away from the enemy, but surely, not the SMARTEST way.

5. Masquerade skills...are they 100% Sure-proof or do they have a success rate? It says in the description that, 'target/user levels affect the success rate'. Which one are they referring the success rates to? The success of the skill? Like the Divest Skills?

6. Man Hole. Description: Paint a hole on the ground to trap 1 enemy. Trapped targets will not be able to do attack, but cannot be attacked either. Consumes 1 Can of Paint and 1 Paintbrush.

These skills make me want to use the other skills in a conjunction...IF possible.

Questions for this skill are...

Since this is a trap skill, i'm guessing that the target must first actually WALK into the manhole for it to activate right? You can't place it on a cell that is occupied by the target. Right?

Is this skill usable with other ailment skills? (Man Hole-->Close Confine-->Shadow Form?)

Well, there you have it. My lists of questions, i'd try them out if I can and save myself the anticipation of waiting for the answers to be posted. Anyone with knowledge on the matter, please shed us some light. Thanks. :)
7 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
7 years ago#3
1. See: Rogue's Intimidate and Stalker's Preserve.

3. Unless stated otherwise, it's total. DS is the best example.

5. Success rate of the skill.

6. They "cannot be attacked".
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7 years ago#4
1. See: Rogue's Intimidate and Stalker's Preserve.

-Where exactly is this? Mind providing me a link? (:

How about 2 and 4?

Also, does anyone know where I can find Shadow Chasers in action? Reading just doesn't cut it for me. Need to watch a video. X.x

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7 years ago#5
Recommended vocaloid songs: mylist/4291803 mylist/6977191
Current games: Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- / Sora no Kiseki SC / Pangya (<3 Lucia)
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