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^^The GT4 FAQ to all your questions^^ (Sticky) (Closed)
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Gran Turismo 4 has some funky alternate controls (Archived)Monster717/25 7:37PM
with the 1080i and the added cars, why did this get *somewhat* lower ratings (Archived)Jak3_Kurt24/13 4:07PM
Light cars, skid marks and NA used car lists? And favorite moments??? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
iosifsvoboda282/11 2:59PM
Is there is glitch with the oil lamp? (Archived)MakoEnergy7777210/25 8:10PM
My first car I drove that wasn't a mission or a license was a Zonda (Archived)Fheyr13110/10 1:56PM
GT4 Fanpage, Events all weeks (Archived)schiebold17/12/2014
GTRufus uploaded nice, high quality videos of the license tests and missions. (Archived)StarryKnights11/12/2014
Still playing GT4 (Archived)Dobsje25610/25/2013
Once More unto the Breach, Dear Friends... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
How long is the GT4 career for you? (Poll)DarkDoc37/29/2013
Feel like starting a new! (Archived)lolaqa37/29/2013
GT4: Worse than a beating. (Archived)StarryKnights106/1/2013
AE86 TRUENO drift setup? (Archived)vincent06625/30/2013
So what about the FPV F6 Typhoon? (Archived)DarkDoc15/24/2013
Joypad or Wheel? (Archived)Iceman_UK_200594/21/2013
any new tips/tricks/fun stuff you've done lately? (Archived)spacegoons12/2/2013
SPECIAL CONDITIONS EVENTs (Archived)Firefox107112/23/2012
Getting a car dirtier than most... (Archived)wanderingmuse22112/19/2012
Best Group C Racer (Poll)
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