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6 years ago#1
My old Xbox was lost in a Microsoft Repair mishap. SO I have been replaying all of my old Xbox games since Jan 2009. Since Conviction is coming out I figure I'd use that as an excuse to replay all of the Splinter Cells (instead of replaying Psi-Ops). Now, I assume that if I want to get the DLC I'll have to play this on my 360? I'd prefer not to...
6 years ago#2
You mean Kola Cell and the Sub extra missions? They can be gotten through the game main menu. You will need to have a Live gold account to access the download server. Better get them quick as the servers will be shut off in April when all online access is stopped for original xbox games.
6 years ago#3
Ok, I just checked this. You don't need live gold but you must have a credit card still connected to your account for them to show up. Check this site to see for your account:
6 years ago#4
I can't seem to connect to XBL on the original Xbox, I can't even create a new account. It keeps giving me the Xbox Live not found error and NONE of the XBL tekkies can tell me whats wrong. NONE of their suggestions have worked and I have tried EVERYTHING! After I catch up on work I'm going to try to download them on the 360.
6 years ago#5
Ya, I got them on 360. After a few patches of course. To play the new missions without having a save file on 360, create a new 'profile' in game named !lamaudite! You can start from any level and even from the ones you just downloaded.
6 years ago#6
I am far far to OCD to do that. I'm just going to play it through on both platforms. That's like 5 hrs if I know my stuff (I think). Plus, it's either that or play Enchanted Arms (errr). Buddy gave it to me and I have 275 points on it so now I HAVE to finish it.
6 years ago#7
You know, I mentioned Psi-Ops earlier. So I have two games I'm avoiding. So....yeah...anything but Enchanted Arms. Well, look, I just butchered my own topic. yarrg.
6 years ago#8
I have the game in now and have the extra levels downloaded. How do I play them?
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6 years ago#9
just buy the original game of ebay with the bonus disc included (with dlc levels) its only a few dollars. worth getting for vselka infiltration alone imo.
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