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6 years ago#21
Huh. . .I never thought of it like that. Yeah you're right, there's definitely a bunch of people stuck in college who don't know exactly where they want to be in life and are just there for the fun of it. I do not want to be in college at all for the time being. True there's an infinite number of hot women in there and it's a whole 'nother social world I could submerse myself into, but I'm just not that academically gifted. There's always the chance I could get that job again for the fishing thing, they said they would put me at the top of their list of hirees, so thats good news.
Getting back on topic.
It is true are (the U.S. I mean) economy and way of life is heavily dependant upon migrant workers to maintain are fields and stuff, and how even a top knotch lawyer is just as vaulable as all the other forms of labor people out there but without one working for the other, the whole system would collapse.

Who the fudge is "Mike Rowe"? Never heard of him before today. Is there a youtube link to this speech of his?
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6 years ago#22
YOU DON'T KNOW WHO MIKE ROWE IS?!?!?!?! I am so offended...I am as straight as a heterosexual male can be but if I ever questioned my sexuality ............anyway ...Mike rowe is awesome ..........He iso n discovery channels dirty jobs, he was on QVC for a while, he is just awesome

here's the speech though

and to be honest I think lots of things move our economy, while the rich people contribute more the rest of us keep the rich people rich. you have to have the waitresses in the restaurants, the laundromat owners, the guys at the 7/11 they are the building blocks that help make the millionaires millionaires. our economy is most definitely more based on unskilled and physical labor than it is on lawyers and such. the reason lawyers get paid so much is due to supply and demand.....when people want to sue someone for lal they have, they go to the person who can help them do that...a lawyer. doctors also, they get paid for their knowledge and ability to heal peoples ailments. not everyone can do that hence their amazing salaries. on the other hand you have the grape-pickers, the cattle ranchers, and so on. the people who have simpler yet more physical jobs ANYONE could do . I mean when a farm is composed of miles and miles of grapes...someone has to pick them and the people who will do it for the least amount of money are the migrant workers who are paid pennies in america but would make decent living wages at home.

I don't mean to be racist but hispanics are great at living in low income environments. they can maintain multiple families within one household and usually don't mind crowding together to travel from place to place in vehicles. hence why even when they get paid very little they can survive, they split the cost of living.......

now note I am by no means an economist but this is just my personal view of the economy and such

a good example of a physical job anyone could do but few dare to is the fishing and crab fishing we talked about, as you said oyu get paid for the risks. not too many people have the brass to do that yet lots of people love crabs and fish . so they pay those daring enough to do that very well . I mean selling crab legs for $10 and catching 1,000 + crabs is gonna make somebody rich . not to mention the rest of the crab meat.
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6 years ago#23
Holy poop cakes I don't even know how to respond to all that! Gee-wizzzz Mario, you ARE much much much much MUCH more smarter than you let on. I thought you were the real-deal GameFaqs incarnation of the real Mario guy, guess I was off on that one by a mile.

At any rate, yes I've never heard of Mike Rowe. I don't get satellite or cable, just local free air channels (which limits me down to about 20 or so) but I do have high-speed Internet to keep me company. Quite frankly between Hulu and pirated episodes uploaded on YouTube, I do almost all of my TV watching exclusively on the computer, save for some breaking news story on TV or a movie. I'll watch that speech in the morning, I just wanted to respond back to this for the night and head off to bed. (at least I know we're in the same time zone)
Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that 99% of the TV watching I do is usually sci-fi stuff, very rarely any educational-type stuff. But hey, ignorance is bliss, right?

I had a pretty good laugh when I read your comment at being offended by my lack of intelligence of Mike Rowe and to a degree I apologize for that, I don't watch that many news programs very often.

Now onto the main thing why I came on here. Taking everything into account of what you said is true, most of our economy is based off of hard physical labor yet the people who work those jobs get payed the lowest amount possible. CRAPOLA!!! My Internet is slugish tonight. . . Anyways, there will always be a demand for three basic things in life which are the building blocks of necessities: food, water, and obviously energy. The line of work I'm interested in (obviously the food industry) is probably at the very dangerous and deadliest level possibly imaginable: fishing on the cold icy waters of Alaska. The thing is, this kind of work *IS* the most elite in the fishing industry. Like you said, not very many people wanna work it and many do die from it frequently. I have no intention of dying from it. . .or succumbing to any major injuries possibly to occur, but hey, ot me it's worth it. I could go on and on about all the different reasons why I wanna do it but that would take an entire post to write. . .something I don't feel the need to do right now. You think I wanna work at all? Hellz no! I think it's all one big scam in life to work. . . Yes I know it's necessary and supposedly a *part of life* to survive, but I figure one day robots and machines will practically take over most if not all of our needs in time. Call me one lazy turd but thats just the way I see it. I think a person should be able to live out his or her life any way they see fit. . .but thank goodness my way of thinking doesn't actually exist yet. If I could plug my brain into a Matrix-type-world and be king of my own little reality, I'd do it then, even if it wasn't considered "real." Heck even a Holodeck would be nice, but I'd prefer the "Matrix-reality" more.

Back to the economy issue. . .*CONTINUED!!!*. . .
There will always be a need for a work force to exist if a society is to survive/exist, we're gonna need a crapshoot of lower-class citizens to keep our crops a-going. With the deal with all the immigrants from *cough* *cough* *Mexico* *cough* *cough*, there's no shortage in sight for cheap laborers. True, I don't like the idea of 12,000,000+ illegals here, but hey, can't complain with the cheap food right? America does have a high standard of living and all we do to keep that bubble from popping is cheap labor.

I find this discussion informative.

Not to get too off-topic (which we've done by already a good 20 or so posts' worth), but where is Dakota at? I was sure he would have been here by now.
6 years ago#24
me too, he claimed he was gonna make a topic on one of the splinter cell forums..but I don't see one....then again...this is really the only one i checked........also I have to admit i really enjoy acting's much simpler than thinking plus I get to put the " REAL" pompous intellectual asses in check every once in a while !
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6 years ago#25
Yeah I've looked for Dakota on the PC, PS2, and the Xbox Splinter Cell 1 message boards but sadly, no dice. Maybe he wussed out and we scared him off?
Now with that last remark of yours, I'm inclined to think that you referred to me as an "intellectual pompous ass. . ." but I'm guessing it was said in jest. . . .Right? O_o
Friendship is like peeing on yourself; everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.
6 years ago#26
oh no, not you lol no i , i wouldn't categorize you as one of them. no the way I see it gamefaqs is filled with 3 people... dumb teenagers, Intellectual asses, and us normal folks........the other two make conversing and discussion on the forums harder than it needs to be . but no i wouldn't categorize you as either lol.
Are you living or just breathing to death? GT:mariopot psn: mario_pot
6 years ago#27
I had a feeling you weren't referring to me in that line of thinking. To be honest, this is probably the most amount of message-leaving on GF's I've done in months. I usually just lurk around these forums like crazy, only sparingly posting messages. I will say this about you Mr. Mario (lol, "Mr. Mario") you're definitely a lot more intelligent than most other people I've seen on here. All the other rest are complete douche bags in their own might.

My Internet is still acting like a bee-otch today, it usually craps out on the weekends, but not this bad. Plus not to mention my computer is having more strokes than usual..

Also, do you practically live on this website? I seem to encounter your messages on a daily basis. I'm not complaining at all, just stating a fact and yes I'm in the same category as you too (probably).
Friendship is like peeing on yourself; everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.
6 years ago#28
......*sobs* yes...yes I Do..probably because this is really the only game-forum I have used and since my free time revolves around playing games or talking about them I am usually here or on one of my consoles. how old is you PC aol ?
Are you living or just breathing to death? GT:mariopot psn: mario_pot
6 years ago#29
oh yes and also thank you for the compliment lol
Are you living or just breathing to death? GT:mariopot psn: mario_pot
6 years ago#30
I see then. . .so your life does revolve around games then huh? Me too.

My computer is almost 2 years old which actually isn't that old. . .but since I abuse the crap out of it (i.e., banging on it repeatedly whenever the darn things slows down). . .I don't think it has much more life to it, other than just 1 or 2 games installed at a time on it, I mainly use it for just watching videos on.

How old is yours?
Friendship is like peeing on yourself; everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

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