In poll of the day, why is it saying Shenmue 3 is getting released in April?

#1cresentspartanPosted 4/1/2011 4:36:59 AM
I got excited there for a moment
#2cresentspartan(Topic Creator)Posted 4/1/2011 4:43:21 AM
Damn April fool!
#3Willster328Posted 4/1/2011 5:25:00 AM
ugh.. its...... april fools... i was fooled.
#4jennafaith1Posted 4/1/2011 8:45:55 AM
Because we are the laughing stock of the gaming world?
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#5JtheXtremeGamerPosted 4/1/2011 4:59:40 PM
Damn that is just wrong.... so wrong... :(
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#6ShtinkyPosted 4/2/2011 7:56:36 AM
I'm the one who does the Shenmue 3 April Fools Jokes 'round here! Copycats! >_>
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#7TixusPosted 4/2/2011 12:32:22 PM
Seeing that list of games made me smile. Although Duke Nukem Forever is supposed to come out soon-ish, so I don't think it belonged in the poll.
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