lan di and ziming.

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User Info: mortalkombatkid

6 years ago#1
is lan di ziming. xuyings brother.

User Info: Tim_Lince_kun

6 years ago#2
Nah. Ziming is one of the 4 leaders of the Chi Youmen along with Lan Di.
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User Info: CyberLance26

6 years ago#3
Yea Lan Di, Zimming, a woman and an old guy are the 4 leaders of the organisation and they where all planned to appear in Shenmue 3.
There was a comic released by the guys that made the games a long time ago that showed all 4 leaders meeting in there headquarters and talking.
Seems they are all based on the 4 creatures that are on the Keys you need to find at a part in Shenmue 2.

User Info: Lazay727

5 years ago#4
I wonder who the leader of the chiyoumen is. Maybe the PS2?
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