did anyone sign the petition yet!?here it is.

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User Info: Biggadicrecords

5 years ago#1
3DS-1461-6206-7006 name Bucckk Yah

User Info: Lazay727

5 years ago#2
heres some words for thought. A petition has never worked. ever. in any case. It's an idea. and a bad one.

User Info: nimsey

5 years ago#3
Actually, real-world petitions have been very effective for a very long time. On line petitions, on the other hand, are amazingly ineffective. Here's a great snopes article on the subject:


User Info: dosetsu213

5 years ago#4
Better idea:

Set up a "Race for Shenmue 3", and have people sign up and get sponsors. Money talks.

User Info: Tim_Lince_kun

5 years ago#5
Whoa, I remember signing something like that back in 2004.
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User Info: Ikari Gendo

Ikari Gendo
5 years ago#6
Yeah I'm pretty sure I signed that years ago.
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User Info: Lazay727

5 years ago#7
several thousand people typed their emails on some obscure website, WE MUST MAKE THIS GAME!

User Info: jennafaith1

5 years ago#8
Petitions? I've already signed three.

Here's a fourth!

Not expecting a different outcome.
Someday, Shenmue will be re-released on a console that matters.
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  3. did anyone sign the petition yet!?here it is.

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