what questions can I ask the voice actor of Ryo when I meet him

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5 years ago#1
I will be meeting him next month and I would like think of some questions to ask him and please dont stupid ones like ''you know where I can find some sailors'' or ''would you like to try a game of lucky hit''

As I will report those ones
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(message deleted)
5 years ago#3
Meet and greet is as a fan, ask me graciously to sign stuff as we meeting over lunch.

Well let me explain I am flying over from England to USA for a holiday in general and I also want to film the interview and I will wear my Ryo Hazuki promo jacket that the JPN voice actor also wore, the offical one made by SEGA

Anyway he says he can do it and I e-mailed about a few months ago just to remind him and I will do so again before I leave in middle of next month for the meet up end of July.

I just would like as many questions possible and you can have that part of the interview answered yourself.

This is not some offical thing set up by anybody
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(message deleted)
5 years ago#5
No, no. Post it on the boards, because I'd like to see how it turns out, too.

Could you ask:
-How long the entirety of the recording sessions take?
-Would he reprise the role if a 3rd game was made?
5 years ago#6
Now as I said i hope he can do it as I am asking him for about 30-45 mins, probably get a bite to eat, I want to get questions as it will be awkward otherwise with just one question type thing

I live in London and I guess I never done this thing before so I dont really want to ask questions that everybody has asked. I can imagine I will ask Q's he has heard but not the known ones.

Also since I am taking up his time with this, well if he does do it as I am sure he has better things to do anyway, does anyone know his fav drink or anthing like that I can get for him since I doubt an avaerage person would do this.

I THINK his last thing Shenmue related was Sonic and sega all stars but thats IMO
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5 years ago#7
I am meeting him end of July
Depends on my mood
5 years ago#8
Well, I doubt people have questioned him on the duration of the recording session. I'm genuinely curious as to how long it took for him to record all those lines, because Ryo says a whole lot in the game.

Good luck. In any case, I'd like to know the results.
5 years ago#9

Why are you so bad at acting?

5 years ago#10
That is cold and I aint gon ask him that
Depends on my mood
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