Yu Suzuki's company could obtain the license to produce Shenmue III

#1KenshinXSlayerPosted 1/6/2012 2:22:56 AM(edited)
I don't know how credible this site is, but it looks like Suzuki-san is trying to make a move to get the rights from Sega. If this is credible, let's hope we may FINALLY get some news at E3 and get this damn game out!!!


EDIT: Here is a video of Suzuki-san talking about all of this, so maybe this is finally going to be a reality.

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#2FinzFan4lifePosted 1/6/2012 1:23:14 PM
They took Zeus but that's Alan's dog? I Knooowww. I knoowwww. I knowwwwwww.
#3Ikari GendoPosted 1/6/2012 3:02:31 PM
Yu getting the rights would be the first step in an already incredibly long process to get that damn game made. I'd be surprised if it gets funded anytime soon unless he does it with his own money.
#4SkyzPosted 1/8/2012 1:10:36 PM
I almost cried earlier when I stumbled upon the main theme soundtrack...god will it...I hope its true...
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#5VenkmanPHDPosted 1/14/2012 10:47:39 PM

I almost pissed my pants in excitement about this. 

I understand the unlikely-ness that this game will be made, but god... give us some closure.


I would settle for a book conclusion at this point. 


(Plus, doesn't it seem like total BS that sega is holding onto the rights anyway? As we have seen, they have NO intention of putting it out themselves... why not just give it BACK to the creator with some kind of royalties? ... I'll never understand how "business affairs" can royally (expletive deleted) up something as great as shenmue.)