Just starting Shenmue 2...any tips going in?

#1Jack Talk ThaiPosted 9/14/2013 1:33:26 PM
Dreamcast remains my favorite gaming system of all time. It's the last time I was wowed by a gaming system--I remember starting with Dead Or Alive and a few demo discs, then seeing the videos for the (at the time) upcoming PSO ...mind blown. Then I got Shenmue, and sat down for the most unique gaming experience I'd ever had, up to that moment. Nothing will ever replicate that feeling of playing Shenmue for the very first time, way back then.

I'm hoping Shenmue 2 can match it...I assume its bigger and more vast, which I love. I've just entered the city and talked to the old guy at the Free Star place...wondering if I should spend money on collectibles yet...I'm going to walk around and see what happens for now. Any tips going in?

I just remembered--I played Shenmue 1 so much that I could listen to the rustling sound as you played the ticket game and get good tickets by timing it. Anything like that game in this one (I love collecting crap in games)?
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