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Yu Suzuki tells how the series was meant to end (Archived)jdfdadvbhkzdvcz73/30/2011
Vote for Shenmue! (Archived)replicant23/5/2011
I woulda sniff Xiuying's bed when she wasn't around. (Archived)Annihila33/4/2011
just bought for 2.95 (Archived)BigMike200143/4/2011
Yu Suzuki: "Sega Will Probably Let Me Make Shenmue III", GDC 2011 (Archived)CassyChan73/4/2011
Will this game run on an Xbox 360? (Archived)scottycerm23/4/2011
The NGP would be perfect for Shenmue III or even a port of the 1st two (Archived)KenshinXSlayer22/20/2011
Worst Part of the game? (Archived)Tim_Lince_kun92/13/2011
Who does number 2 work for? (Archived)VaultTecBoy1986102/12/2011
How about a game of lucky hit? (Archived)haloiscoolisbak32/9/2011
We have a reason for Shenmue 3 ;_; (Archived)LostSoulCalibur92/9/2011
Izumi is really freaking pretty (Archived)Tim_Lince_kun62/3/2011
My shenmue playthrough *spoilers* (Archived)
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Random End Game Theories (Spoilers) (Archived)VaultTecBoy198621/28/2011
Yu Suzuki Interview, Shenmue III Gameplay Details and more (Archived)shodown1981/24/2011
MVC3, Resistance 3, GoW 3, Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3... (Archived)CyparisTheGreat71/21/2011
it took ten years for MVC3 to happen (Archived)
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HELP! Having problems with Master Baihu! (Archived)TiGHT_CTRLs412/24/2010
I hope SIlent Hill 2 hasn't ruined Kowloon for me. (Archived)Monster_in_Abox212/23/2010
Just beat the game!! (Archived)Schmeman312/16/2010
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