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Yu Suzuki Interview, Shenmue III Gameplay Details and more (Archived)shodown1981/24/2011
MVC3, Resistance 3, GoW 3, Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3... (Archived)CyparisTheGreat71/21/2011
it took ten years for MVC3 to happen (Archived)
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HELP! Having problems with Master Baihu! (Archived)TiGHT_CTRLs412/24/2010
I hope SIlent Hill 2 hasn't ruined Kowloon for me. (Archived)Monster_in_Abox212/23/2010
Just beat the game!! (Archived)Schmeman312/16/2010
How do YOU say Shenmue? (Archived)
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The future of this series. (Archived)MultiRevolution512/7/2010
New Shenmue game announced! (Archived)
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Things that need improvement/change in Shenmue III? (Archived)Tim_Lince_kun512/6/2010
How about a game of lucky hit (Archived)holeslg78712/5/2010
So I just beat Shenmue 1 aaannnnddd.... (Archived)Schmeman812/5/2010
Rate this purchase. (Archived)Johnny18Damon312/3/2010
To all Shenmue fans that own a Xbox 360/PS3 (Archived)scott2012611/30/2010
What needs to happen for Shenmue 3 (Archived)Ikaruga_DC711/24/2010
New Yu Suzuki interview article on Shenmue City and Shenmue III possiblities. (Archived)Tr5978811/23/2010
Original Shenmue Commercials (Archived)HeeroYuy0905811/16/2010
Sega on Shenmue III "Never say never" [NEW] (Archived)shodown19511/14/2010
why on xbox? why not on dc? (Archived)PSOGuy25311/1/2010
Where the hell is my walkman?! (Archived)skater_kidd510/30/2010
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