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if i get rich i will fund shenmue 3 (Archived)Lazay72754/15/2010
SEGA giving the Shenmue series another shot. FINALLY! (Archived)
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Why mastering a fighting move (Archived)FOBlO24/3/2010
Sega All-Stars Fighting! to feature Ryo Hazuki and Lan Di (Archived)Shtinky34/1/2010
Sony finally picks up exclusivity on Shenmue franchise! (Archived)hansrat34/1/2010
Working at the docks SUCKS! (Archived)NCIOP63/31/2010
A sob memory (Please avoid if you hate reading other peoples memories) (Archived)Meta4_78143/31/2010
Don't forget to buy your Shenmue Jacket on the XBOX Avatar Shop! (Archived)jennafaith153/31/2010
I miss this game's dialogue. (Archived)major_manmullet43/27/2010
Sega may have recognized that they sucked. (Archived)Meta4_78153/27/2010
This game needs a Shenmue Collection (Archived)The_DARK_FoX23/25/2010
Worth getting this game? (Archived)steefiepie53/21/2010
Wait a second...I can play this game now. (Archived)Zero_Saber_X63/20/2010
I can't be the only one tired of top 10's featuring mainly nintendo.... (Archived)__mason__33/19/2010
WHY?!?! Why is it that Shenmue I or II... (Archived)CyparisTheGreat43/18/2010
LMAO @ the official Shenmue twitter (Archived)Raccoon_Eyes13/18/2010
They should finish it all with a Third title like they did with Xenosaga (Archived)mekhdakart73/9/2010
I think I'm over Shenmue, I just saw the trailer for Yakuza 3 (Archived)
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Tomorow! I will race as Ryo Hazuki. (Archived)jennafaith1103/5/2010
Dreamcast Sonic Adventure is coming to Xbox Live and PSN. (Archived)
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