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LMAO @ the official Shenmue twitter (Archived)Raccoon_Eyes13/18/2010
They should finish it all with a Third title like they did with Xenosaga (Archived)mekhdakart73/9/2010
I think I'm over Shenmue, I just saw the trailer for Yakuza 3 (Archived)
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Tomorow! I will race as Ryo Hazuki. (Archived)jennafaith1103/5/2010
Dreamcast Sonic Adventure is coming to Xbox Live and PSN. (Archived)
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Did anyone else feel....*Spoilers....somewhat* (Archived)Meta4_78152/23/2010
Any leaf catching tips? (Archived)Terry2Time52/22/2010
Even Landi Wants Shenmue 3!! (Archived)ReaL_TaLK_Ny52/19/2010
Cool Shenmue stage on Sonic & Sega Allstar Racing. Plus Figure! (Archived)jennafaith142/19/2010
Ive just thought of how the story could continue (Archived)kraal771832/16/2010
Shenmue needs to be continued in some way or another (Archived)kraal771822/14/2010
**SPOILERS** Jobs to do in Hong Kong? (Archived)lol_ok22/13/2010
Dare To Be Dull (Archived)nimsey22/3/2010
Shenmue 3 (Archived)model311/29/2010
if you can beat me, i'll take you to a special place. (Archived)xei71/28/2010
my grandma use to watch me play this all the time (Archived)Arv_Gnarlington71/27/2010
Gamespot Questionaire...Answeraire....complainaire....*****aire (Archived)Meta4_78131/25/2010
I really really wish there would be a 3rd one (Archived)
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whats up with the chips and chocolate and other things you cant use? (Archived)cooptWay51/19/2010
is this game any good? (Archived)
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