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The Hospital Was Creepy As Hell... (Archived)Azuma_NarooN61/15/2011
Unlike the Resident Evil Series, SH has kept it's theme intact. (Archived)TheCrystalXIII101/8/2011
What is claudia's plan(spoilers) (Archived)kratosdakota331/6/2011
split worm (Archived)CactuarKing9041/4/2011
Brookhaven Hospital 2nd floor door riddle (Archived)killerdestroyer61/3/2011
First Playthough: I want the absolute BEST ending without spoiling myself (Archived)sora36461/1/2011
How much better would SH3 be... (Archived)ShadowRob82411/27/2010
Just recently discussed this in my "greatest games of all time" blog p (Archived)Master_ShakeXXX311/23/2010
Never seen this costume in SH3 (video) (Archived)numberrrr211/21/2010
My god I fully forgot about this series!!! (Archived)
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Don't spoil anything, but how scary is this game? (Archived)
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Anyone ever gotten a nightmare from Silent Hill?? (Archived)
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Someone should do a real life Borely Haunted Mansion! (Archived)
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What mode to start on? (Archived)
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the god of silent hill (Archived)pituchirof210/4/2010
This was the first Silent Hill game I ever played... (Archived)
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I still think this game is the best horror game ever made. (Archived)pixtran49/22/2010
God of Thunder t-shirt ? 's (Spoilers) (Archived)BeerSxRepeat49/16/2010
question (Archived)
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The TRULY disturbing things in Silent Hill 3 *SPOILERS* (Archived)
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