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8 years ago#1

Was there ever a reason why Pierce Brosnan never did the voice acting in this game?

8 years ago#2
I was curious as well. It's just weird seeing him and hearing THAT.
Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up!!!! - Ash
8 years ago#3
Money issues probably...
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8 years ago#4
^^ Yeah EA being cash-strapped, soooo true = P

Either way, EON destroys any Bond film (well other than a few) and doesnt deserve to be called an EA game
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8 years ago#5
EON is probably the best Bond game to date. I love that game and yet it's not b/c with the 360 and in being so is one of the reasons I still have my original Xbox.
Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up!!!! - Ash
8 years ago#6
^^ Just blew me away, they went overboard with the production values and as a result made an incredibly cinematic game. And also, it had winning gameplay so everyone was happy

What happens next? Well they do a shameless 'Goldeneye' game and another quick-cash-in FRWL
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