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8 years ago#1
Previously, I played through the game 4 times in order to complete all the challenges and sub-quests; then put it aside. A few weeks ago I picked it up again and I'm just coming to the final battle on the "first" playthrough (I started completely new again). During the course of the game you earn Grade Points and when you get to the end-of-game menu to buy options for the next playthrough, bonus grade points are awarded. Does anyone know how those bonus points are calculated? In the previous games, they ranged from 1,000 to 9,000+, but didn't seem to have a direct mathematical connection to the number of grade points I'd earned. I have been astounded by the details that so many of you know, so I'm hoping that someone can tell me if there's a "formula" for the bonus points. It seems logical that they'd be based on the number and type of challenges completed, but that's just my guess. It would be kind of nice to be able to make a close guess as to what the bonus might be before I finish.
8 years ago#2
Your total looks like this:

What you have at the end of the game
+ 1000 for beating the game
+ Whatever you spent in the Grade Shop at the beginning of this now completed playthrough

Any grade you don't spend in the Grade Shop is what you start the new game with instead of 0.
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8 years ago#3
Thanks for your answer, but it still doesn't clear up my question. On the previous 4 games I played, these are the bonus points I got:
Game#1 = earned 1089 1,000 bonus points Used 2,050 Carried over 39
Game#2 = earned 3,717 3,082 bonus points Used 6,145 Carried over 654
Game #3 = earned 3,721 7,345 bonus points Used 8,135 Carried over 2,931
Game #4 = earned 3,737 9,146 bonus points Used 8,145

The number of bonus points awarded went from 1,000 to 9,000.

The number of grade points I finished the game with was pretty steady at 3,000. So I was curious what factors contributed to the ever-increasing number of bonus points and if there was formula or a list of things that determined how big the bonus would be.
8 years ago#4
Alright, so at the end of the games, it looks like:

Game 1 - 1,089 total, 1000 bonus, 0 from previous purchases, used 2,050, 39 remain. Everything adds up.

Game 2 - 3,717 total, 1000 bonus, 2,050 from previous purchases, used 6,145, 654 remain. There is an extra 32 grade not accounted for, likely earned from the final boss.

Game 3 - 3,721 total, 1000 bonus, 6,145 from previous purchases, used 8,135, 2,931 remain. There is an extra 200 this time. Perhaps you fought more enemies between saving and beating the final boss that you did not fight when you checked how much grade you have just now.

Game 4 - 3,737 total, 1000 bonus, 8,135 from previous purchases, used 8,145, 4,727 should remain.
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8 years ago#5
Wow! Thanks for that! Clearly, I'm "numerically challenged"!! Your second step-by-step explanation almost leads me to comprehension. The rest of the learning process is up to me. You're quite right ~ I would have written down my "total grade earned" just shortly before fighting the final boss battle(s), so they wouldn't be precisely as I've written them. I've followed your explanation and do now understand what the process is. A wise person in my life used to say to me that anything clearly understood is simply explained. Thanks for explaining twice!!!
8 years ago#6
Kratos15354 is a wise dude.
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8 years ago#7
He certainly is!! (assuming gender from screen name) And I am proof that merely living long does not guarantee wisdom! To my utter embarrassment, I finished that "first" playthrough only to see written clearly on the screen "All earned grade carries over to the new game". So all the grade accumulates infinitely over whatever number of completed games, plus 1,000 grade bonus for every completed game. Well, DUH, Granny!!
8 years ago#8
Yep! he rocks! :)
And just who the hell are you? -Yuan
8 years ago#9
Your sarcasm has gone overboard into the nauseating zone.
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