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6 years ago#1
I'm debating doing the quests for the Hell's Fury skill. I understand that it is overpowered and probably breaks the game so I thought I'd make a topic for it and ask: Do you get Hell's Fury on your playthroughs? Do you ever use it? Do you get it but avoid using it? Or do you treat it like a cheat code and never touch it?

Also: Do you think there is a way to make the ability LESS of a game breaker? For instance: You could unlock the ability using a group solely comprised of crappy classes (Mongrel Shaman, Yeti, Berserker, etc). Is the ability so powerful that those underpowered classes become overpowered just because of one ability? I suspect the answer is "Yes" but it is food for thought.

More or less I'm just trying to keep the discussion going on this board while we all wait in anticipation for Slartifer's FAQ. =P
6 years ago#2
It's going to be a while before the final version of the FAQ comes out, because I have very little free time now that I'm teaching again. Sorry :/

As far as brokenness goes, you may notice in the preliminary FAQ that Hell's Fury has a multiplier of 1000... that is to say, it does 25 times the damage of a normal attack. Less than that, really, since it doesn't count weapon strength, but we're still talking an order of magnitude more damage than almost any other attack. And it has great range, never misses, and costs no more skill points than Combo 2. There are few circumstances in which it is not a guaranteed kill.
6 years ago#3
Earning Hell's Fury, for me, is too much fun to pass up. That is, I love each part of the quest to acquire it. Using it, however, is not so much fun. It ends up being an ability that is there, but almost never gets used. (Almost, because if I need to turn off the game and I haven't saved in a while, Hell's Fury is a good way to get back to the town menu without putting a loss in my records; I can always go back and replay the match if I need that sense of accomplishment.)
6 years ago#4
No worries Slartifer, I'm willing to wait a year or more for the detailed information on this game. You've provided us with a lot of answers already but I am sure there are plenty more to be found. Speaking of which, you originally said that you were going to use an emulator for this game to run tests and then you discovered that the code is easily read. Is it possible for someone (a very obsessive someone) to edit the code and fix the bugs you mention? For example: If I had the ROM and an emulator would I be able to edit the Mongrel Shaman code so that their Affinity Draw skill functions as intended and then play the game via the emulator? I legally own this game so I'm not concerned with the otherwise questionable legality of an emulator. "Fixing" Gladius would be a very interesting hobby for me. Would this be an impossible project or not?

If you could change Hell's Fury in some way (to hypothetically make it less broken) what would you do? I'd probably make it cost 5 skill points rather than 3, decrease the damage, and give it a 50% chance to hit. Thoughts?
6 years ago#5
I actually had the same thought, about editing the data files to fix some of the obvious bugs and balance issues. I'm not sure if it's possible. Well, theoretically of course it's possible, if you edit the raw disk image. But knowing where to edit would be the problem. Also, opening a DVD-sized file is problematic for most (all? I don't know) text/hex editors. Even if you can edit component files it wouldn't help that much -- I had to use a splitter utility to break the main data file up into small enough chunks that I could open them.

I also don't know if there are checksums or other data integrity verification procedures in place. If so, some changes would still be relatively easy (changing one number to another) but others could be quite difficult.

Short answer: maybe possible, but it would be difficult and I'm not entirely sure it would work.
6 years ago#6
Yeah, my main concern with attempting something like that is whether or not editing one specific thing would require multiple edits. To use the example of the skill Affinity Draw again: I imagine it would be relatively simple to locate the main entry for the skill and edit it manually. But if the value for the skill is referenced in multiple sections throughout the code editing just one spot might corrupt the data and probably cause the game to crash. I'd be willing to try but I can't commit to a project like that right now (my PC needs an upgrade). I'd ask where you got the ROM and emulator but I imagine that would violate some forum rules.
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