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StickyClass Topic (Sticky)
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Sticky:::[TLA Board FAQ 2.5]::: Read before posting! (Sticky)
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Bump day topic part 599thkingheart319/16 2:59PM
Golden Sun: The Lost Age coming to Japanese Wii U next week (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ArcticSin148/9 4:22AM
I wish this board was more alive. (Archived)lazymaster0277/12 8:30PM
Are all the dungeons caves like the first one? (Archived)moogythejork76/29 4:14PM
Did that one part in the ending ruin this game? (spoilers) (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
slk_23115/1 12:42AM
What is This? (Archived)ampharos1233/24 6:58AM
Q about talking to the Madra Mayor and Elder with Piers but w/out the Black Orb. (Archived)MasterPeteDiddy32/28 10:28AM
its a shame this board lasted for so long (Archived)helldew31/26 10:04PM
Class-Changing Items (Poll)JordanAMeyer41/11 5:17PM
Battle glitch? (Archived)ryan1268921/5 6:31AM
Questions about PP Recovery and the Battle Arena. (Archived)Lem_Gambino312/9 12:13PM
Which character class? (Archived)mistermikeymike511/28 2:38PM
Are there any missables in this game? (Archived)mistermikeymike311/25 10:57PM
Password issue theory? (Archived)Zio Jr211/20 3:37PM
I now declare this board mine! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
FelurFalas1211/18 3:17PM
Gold Password Transfer Still Not Working (follow-up to previous question) (Archived)TrueOutcast18311/16 5:55AM
Link Cable Issue (Archived)Uniswift87510/4 2:11PM
Gold Password Transfer Not Working (Archived)TrueOutcast18710/4 3:49AM
~::Password Archive and FAQ::~ KEEP BUMPED (Archived)fawkesfire1010/2 11:13PM
Is there any way to transfer the data from GBA to DS (Archived)ktastrofe109/5/2013
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