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Sticky:::[TLA Board FAQ 2.5]::: Read before posting! (Sticky)
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Items and Djinn only accessible after Isaac's group joinscelltf35/15 10:42AM
Spring/Fountain in Lemuria Question (Archived)celltf55/10 10:56AM
Experience Modifier Codes (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
celltf115/8 4:02PM
Isaac for smash! Vote in the Smash Ballot! (Archived)earthmaster324/5 12:01PM
way too much time passed and still this isn't in the NA Wii U eShop (Archived)Zero9743/24 4:53PM
Gold password you're welcome (Archived)BeyondGodOfEYTG13/22 7:43PM
This was the first board that I regularly visited ever and it's dead :( (Archived)Jamz60643/18 10:38PM
Any idea when this is coming out on Wii-U in the US? (Archived)SpaceshipDragon33/9 11:38AM
When Camelot was making GS, did they already have GS: TLA's plot planned out? (Archived)slk_2362/4 2:55PM
Dialogue just drags on in this game. (Archived)BringerOfSalt11/25 1:36PM
Is this board alive? I have a quick question. (Archived)CampeonZ31/24 11:14PM
Man, I miss this board. (Archived)doomdragon26312/31 12:42PM
Possible to use a Gameboy Player to transfer GS1 data? (Archived)BahamutPrincess712/23 9:53AM
I know this board is dead, but I beat Dullahan with Lv 50s back when I played (Archived)Judgmenl712/18 4:59AM
Now on Wii U VC in EU and AU... (Archived)Joey-Zaza712/5 9:07PM
Bump day topic part 5 (Archived)99thkingheart319/16 2:59PM
Golden Sun: The Lost Age coming to Japanese Wii U next week (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ArcticSin148/9 4:22AM
I wish this board was more alive. (Archived)lazymaster0277/12 8:30PM
Are all the dungeons caves like the first one? (Archived)moogythejork76/29 4:14PM
Did that one part in the ending ruin this game? (spoilers) (Poll)
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