PC Mc2 :)

#1xCaNiNExPosted 3/24/2011 4:30:30 PM
hey everyone, just letting u guys kno if anyone still is interested in playing mc2, smokey has hosted the game on his site - nextgenracers.com...

The PC community is still alive and very active (1-3 full rooms usually on at a time). I miss a lot of u guys and would love to see you all again. I've been having a blast on it and hope some of u guys will join me...if anyone wants to contact me:

msn - xwhodatx@hotmail.com
email - xxwhodatxx@yahoo.com

AIM (barely use) - xxyungxsouljaxx
#2xCaNiNEx(Topic Creator)Posted 3/24/2011 4:54:45 PM
if u dont wanna sign up on smokey's forums, you should be able to get it here too:

http://rapidshare.com/#!download|131tl2|67184847|MidnightClub2_by_CswI.part1.rar|100000 2 http://rapidshare.com/#!download|380tl2|67187790|MidnightClub2_by_CswI.part2.rar|90318